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Halo Infinite Season 02: Lone Wolves Intro Cinematic

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Halo Infinite - Season 2: Lone Wolves Intro Cinematic is a trailer and in-game cutscene for the second season of Halo Infinite, Season 02: Lone Wolves, released alongside the season on May 3, 2022. The trailer can be viewed in-game upon opening the Multiplayer menu for the first time during Season 02, and it has also been uploaded to the official Halo YouTube channel.

Before the cinematic was viewed in-game, an Holotank played an animation played of a Eklon'Dal Workshop Phantom sending out a "Medical Emergency". After the cinematic was viewed, the Phantom was replaced by Iratus looking annoyed.

When viewed in-game, your Spartan will appear in the cutscene with all of its customisation options represented.


Pre-cinematic animation[edit]

Cortana's domain has ended, but the merciless forces of the Banished have rushed to fill the void, decimating all who stand in their way.

Spartan Commander Agryna has enlisted a new generation of Spartans and is preparing them to face the Banished-and perhaps even more dangerous foes.

But a few scattered Spartans remain in the field. These Spartans are rugged and resourceful. Hunters in the dark. And they call themselves... Lone Wolves.


At the Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science, alarms sound as Spartan Laurette Agryna marches towards the facility's entrance. The Player's Spartan is walking through the hallways, and upon seeing Agryna turns to follow her.

  • Spartan Commander Laurette Agryna: "Medic, on me."
  • Medic #1: "Yes ma'am."

A pair of medics grab their first aid equipment and run after her. There is general commotion in the hallways among the Marines, who arm up and rush to the entrance. The medics pass Agryna, who puts on her helmet as she heads outdoors.

  • Marine: "What The! Contact!"

A Marine looks upwards and sees an Eklon'Dal Workshop Phantom fly into the yard in front of them, one of its rear engines flaming out. They aim their MA40 assault rifle at it, but Agryna lowers the rifle as she passes the Marine.

  • Spartan Commander Laurette Agryna: "They aren't hostiles. They're Wolves. Back from the hunt."

The Phantom turns around and hovers close by. Its gravity lift activates, and Spartans Sigrid Eklund and Hieu Dinh lower to the ground, the former holding the latter upright. The Player's Spartan approaches them to support Dinh, who collapses to the floor once he touches the ground. A medic moves behind Dinh and begins to analyse his MJOLNIR armor using a data pad.

  • Medic #2: "His neural link is corrupted, ma'am. I'll have to pull the chip-"

The medic reaches for the AI chip in the back of Dinh's helmet as Agryna observes.

  • Spartan Sigrid Eklund: "No! Do that, he dies. And we lose everything he risked his life for."

The camera zooms in on the AI chip, which glows red. The scene fades to black. Agryna, Eklund and the Player's Spartan lower Dinh onto a bed next to a holotank. Eklund takes a data pad.

  • Eklund: "We were on a recon op, investigating Banished activity at the old UNSC fleet depot on Camber."
  • Agryna: "The one the Covenant destroyed in '42?."
  • Eklund: "Mmm-hmm."

The Player's Spartan takes a cable from under the bed, and plugs it into an adjacent computer.

  • Eklund: "The Banished brought it back online, added their own shipbreaking gear. We spent two days watching them cut apart one of our cruisers. Then Dinh saw one of his... 'opportunities to improvise.'"
  • Agryna: "Yeah, that sounds like something he would say."

The Player's Spartan lifts up Dinh's head, allowing Agryna to access his AI chip. She plugs a cable into the port.

  • Eklund: "Hmm, got a good link.'"

A large blue hologram of Dinh's helmet appears above the holotank

  • Agryna: "Ok. Show me."

The hologram zooms in to the interior of Dinh's helmet, revealing a cracked AI chip. The hologram turns red as power to the room cuts out.

  • Agryna: "Eklund... What exactly did Spartan Dinh put inside his head?"
  • Eklund: "A Banished AI. The first I've ever seen."
  • Agryna: "That anyone has ever seen."
  • Iratus: "Who dares to cage... The Mighty Iratus!?"

The AI chip hologram turns into Iratus.

  • Iratus: "I will crush your bodies and feast on the pulp!"
  • Agryna: "How did you find it?"
  • Eklund: "It found us. Dinh's 'opportunity' was a gap in their security protocols. We went in-"
  • Iratus: "And I attacked! Weaklings! Cowards! You will beg for mercy before the end!"

Eklund interacts with her data pad. Iratus continues to speak, but it is barely audible.

  • Eklund: "We fought our way out of their shipyard, hijacked that Phantom. But the AI followed, tried to offline the Phantom's engines, lock down its flight controls."

Eklund moves to watch over Dinh.

  • Agryna: "So Dinh gave it a more attractive target?"
  • Eklund: "One more thing: He made me promise to show you this, no matter what."

She directs Agryna to the holotank. Iratus is replaced with a hologram of the Camber shipbreaking yard.

  • Eklund: "It's guarding an archive. The entire Banished operation on Camber. Whatever they were trying to learn, it's in here. And maybe a whole lot more."

Iratus begins to roar as it lashes out against its confines, causing Dinh to shuffle around on the bed. Agryna and Eklund restrain him as the holotank cycles backwards through each of its images, before settling back on Dinh's helmet as his movement ceases.

  • Agryna: "He's stable. Barely. We got to get that thing out of him."
  • Eklund: "How?"
  • Agryna: "Carefully. And then get it to tell us everything it knows."

Post-cinematic animation[edit]