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Anniversary Campaign Trailer

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A trailer for the remastered campaign of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, with narration from Captain Keyes. It shows several aspects of the campaign, including in-game cinematics and scenes from the terminals. Footage from Halo: Reach explains the story's background.[1]


Camera fades in to Jun-A266 and Noble Six scouting a Covenant LZ.

Captain Keyes: "For decades we've battled an alien enemy we do not understand."

Engagements during the Fall of Reach are shown, including the arrival of the Fleet of Particular Justice.

Capt. Keyes: "Unprovoked, it brought our civilization to its knees and forced us into hiding."

Images of New Alexandria and the tunnel under SWORD Base are shown.

Capt. Keyes: "And now, chased into the darkness, we have one chance for survival, one chance that carries the hope of our entire species, and has lead us here."

The UNSC Pillar of Autumn is shown lifting off from Reach and departing. Later the arrival of the Autumn at Installation 04 is shown.

Several cutscenes and gameplay from the campaign along with dialogue from the levels are shown and heard.

  • Capt. Keyes: "All I need to know is did we lose them?"
  • Cortana: "I think we both know the answer to that."
  • Bumblebee Pilot: "Heads up, everyone, this is it! We're entering the ring's atmosphere in five!"
  • Cortana: "Sure you wouldn't rather take a seat?"
  • Cortana: "They believe that "Halo" is some kind of weapon. One with vast, unimaginable power."
  • John-117: "The Flood is spreading. If we activate Halo's defenses, we can wipe them out."
  • Cortana: "And that's exactly what Halo is designed to do: Wipe the galaxy clean of all sentient life."

A few cutscenes from the terminals are shown and the screen fades out.