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Halo: Outcasts
Front cover of Halo: Outcasts.


Troy Denning[1]

Cover artist(s):

Isaac Hannaford[2]


Simon & Schuster[1]

Publication date:

July 25, 2023[3][4]

Media type:



464 pages[4]




Halo: Outcasts is an upcoming print novel by Troy Denning, set to be released on July 25th, 2023.[3][4][5] The novel was originally set to release on October 18, 2022, but was ultimately delayed due to Denning's own personal health complications.[1][4][6]

The novel follows Thel 'Vadam and Olympia Vale's efforts to recover a rumored artifact on Netherop that could stop Cortana, unaware that they're being manipulated by someone else. The novel's focus on Netherop follows on from the planet's establishment and heavy feature in previous Denning novels Silent Storm and Oblivion.

Official summary[edit]

2559. Formerly one of the Covenant's greatest and most fearsome warriors, Arbiter Thel 'Vadam is now allied with his former human enemies while deeply entrenched in leading the Sangheili people to a new era of unification. But his aspirations are under constant threat, whether by the dangerous, warring factions of rival Sangheili keeps, or the relentless shadow of oppression spread by the renegade artificial intelligence Cortana.

An opportunity to break Cortana's chains has suddenly presented itself through the rumored existence of an ancient artifact located on the hostile world of Netherop. Spartan Olympia Vale, trained with the skills to live and thrive among the Sangheili, also recognizes this alien prize as an essential means to aid humanity in reaching the same goal of freedom. But behind the scenes, both 'Vadam and Vale are being manipulated by a mysterious figure with their own agenda. And to make matters worse, all involved are unknowingly placing themselves at perilous odds with forces beyond their comprehension.[2]

Plot summary[edit]

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Artificial intelligence





  • The novel's existence was first hinted at in an Easter Egg on the Halo Infinite multiplayer map Streets. Various books placed near the map's arcade room reference real Halo novels, with one particular title bearing the word "Outcast".



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