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c. 2514[1]

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At most 171 centimeters (5 ft 7 in)[1][Note 1]


Less than 81.6 kilograms (180 lb)[1][Note 2]

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Arnaldo is a human living in the village of Paraiso within the jungles of Gao.[1]


Living in Paraiso[edit]

By late 2559, Arnaldo acted as head of security at the village known as Paraiso on Gao. When xenoarchaeologist Keely Iyuska and Spartan-IV Olympia Vale—under the guise of medical researchers—arrived at Paraiso, Arnaldo was there to greet them, along with five other armed men. After a tense greeting, the two revealed that they were three to speak with Rosa Fuertes. He suspected that the two women were not who they said they were, accusing them of being operatives from the Office of Naval Intelligence. Keely attempted to get Arnaldo to cooperate by informing him they they had brought money for a new deal between Rosa and the UNSC. After this, Vale managed to push Arnaldo into Rosa's house and bar the door with the other men still outside. Some tense negotiations followed, with Arnaldo threatening the two women, saying they if they just left the money no one would get hurt. However, once Rosa revealed herself and informed Arnaldo that Vale was a Spartan, he relented. Arnaldo called off the other guards with a whistle and left the building himself upon Rosa's request.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Arnaldo believes his little village of Paraiso to be a paradise and he is very protective of Rosa Fuertes.[1]

Arnaldo has chin-length blond hair long which has been seen to tuck behind his ears. His face is red and weathered, with deep lines at the corners of his mouth. Arnaldo is also noted to have a shorter, stocky build.[1]


While guarding Paraiso in 2559, Arnaldo wore military boots and utilities. He also was seen wielding an old MA3A assault rifle at this time.[1]


  • While never stated, it is very likely that Arnaldo is Arne of the Castoffs. Upon meeting Arnaldo, Olympia Vale notes that he is approximately the correct age for a member of the Castoffs, and it is also established that the Castoffs changed their names upon moving to Gao, with Roselle only changing her first name slightly to be Rosa.
    • Arnaldo's position as the village's head of security and his closeness with Rosa may also suggest that they have known each other for longer than the others in the village, which would be true for a member of the Castoffs.

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  1. ^ In Chapter 5 of Halo: Outcasts, Arnaldo is stated to be a head and a half shorter than Olympia Vale, who was not wearing armor at the time. Olympia Vale is known to be 205.7 cm tall in armor (which is clearly taller than her out-of-armor height). The average human head is approximately 22.86 cm tall, meaning that Arnaldo, at a head and a half shorter, is at most 171 cm tall, if not shorter.
  2. ^ In Chapter 5 of Halo: Outcasts, Arnaldo is stated by Olympia Vale to be at least 20 kilograms lighter than her. As she weighs 101.6 kg, Arnaldo less than 81.6 kg.


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