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Keely Iyuska: "Paraiso? Really, that's what you call this place?"
Arnaldo: "It is a paradise to us."
— Keely Iyuska and Arnaldo discussing Paraiso's name.[1]

Paraiso is a remote village located within the mountains of the colony world Gao. It was founded by the Castoffs following their rescue from Netherop in 2526.[1]


Paraiso is located on a plateau in the mountains, hidden inside a remote jungle - far enough away from civilisation on the planet that the Gao Ministry of Protection rarely ventures that far into it. Only one road can access the village from the ground, ending at the village itself. The distance of Paraiso from Gao civilisation makes access via the air difficult; no spots near the village are suitable to land a VTOL aircraft within 5-7 kilometres, and fuel is a concern for helicopters attempting to make the journey.[1]

The buildings of the village are constructed of dry-stacked stone with thatched roofs, none exceeding two stories in height. A small square no more than 15 meters (49 ft) in width occupies the centre of the village, only just barely big enough for a Pipistrelle to land in.[1]


Paraiso was founded sometime after the Castoffs' escape from Netherop in mid-2526. In exchange for assisting Blue Team's mission on the planet, the Castoffs were granted a Sharpfin-class escort corvette and some resettlement funds, which they used to purchase some land in the jungle of Gao and construct a settlement. Despite its remote nature, the Office of Naval Intelligence continued to covertly observe the village and its residents. By 2559, a prion disease had begun to spread through the jungle of the region, resulting in the admittance of Rosa Fuertes to Hospital de Neiva for diagnosis. This fact would be used by Olympia Vale and Keely Iyuska as a cover to travel to the village in an effort to recruit Fuertes to their cause for an expedition back to Netherop, in the hopes of gaining a weapon with which to fight the Created.[1]

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