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Halopedia: Timeline is a project page which lists out a timeline of the Halo universe. This page is simply a reference for general events.

The timeline[edit]

When chronicling the history of the Halo universe, the human made AI Curator divided the timeline into the following major eras:[1][note 1]

The Forerunner Legacy[edit]

Main articles: Forerunner-Precursor war, Human-Forerunner wars, Forerunner-Flood war

The Forerunner Legacy covers events from 10,000,000 BCE to 852 CE. Events in this era include the history of the Forerunners such as the rise of the space-faring prehistoric human civilization, the Forerunner-Flood war, the activation of the Halo Array, and the repopulation of the galaxy, and early Covenant history (such as the San'Shyuum Schism, the War of Beginnings, and the formation of the Covenant).

Rise of Humanity[edit]

Main articles: Insurrection, Human-Covenant War, Massacre of the Outer Colonies

The Rise of Humanity era covers events from 853 CE to 2551 CE.[note 2] In the case of Covenant history, this includes the assimilation of species under the Covenant and in the case of humanity, formations of key nations and empires, modern history, early human space colonization, battles and skirmishes of the Interplanetary War, the formation of the Unified Earth Government and the United Nations Space Command, the Domus Diaspora, UNSC operations against the Insurrection forces in the Outer Colonies, the creation of the Spartans and the Human-Covenant War.

End of the War[edit]

Main articles: Human-Covenant War, Siege of the Inner Colonies

The End of the War focuses on the events in 2552 CE, specifically the final events of the Human-Covenant War, including the Great Schism, the Battle for Earth, the Battle of Installation 05 and the Battle of Installation 00.

The Aftermath[edit]

Main article: Post-Covenant War conflicts

The Aftermath covers events taking place after the end of the Human-Covenant War between 2553 CE - 2556 CE. This includes the reconstruction of UEG colonies, the continuation of the Great Schism and the early post-Covenant War conflicts.

Return of the Prometheans[edit]

Main articles: Battle of Requiem, Created conflict

The Return of the Prometheans includes events from 2557 CE and 2558 CE, such as the engagements on Requiem and the re-awakening of the Ur-Didact, leading to a resurgence of Forerunner activity in the galaxy.


The future is any event past 2559 CE, such as stuff surrounding the Museum of Humanity.



  1. ^ Curator's timeline serves as the in-universe framing device of the reference book Halo Mythos. Mythos is written with concern to the inclusion of events from most Halo media, which are largely concentrated in select points of the timeline, as well as real-world presentation reasons; this results in a somewhat lopsided distribution of its discrete "eras". In-universe, as Curator is a UNSC AI, the timeline displays a notable human bias. Therefore, a true "historical" timeline from a neutral standpoint would likely be segmented more evenly. However, the timeline is nonetheless used by Halopedia as it is the only definitive canon timeline available.
  2. ^ Halo Mythos places the beginning of the "Rise of Humanity" era to 2080 CE. However, as Halopedia covers a number of in-universe events between 852 CE and 2080 CE, the several-hundred-year gap since the end of "The Forerunner Legacy" is appended to the "Rise of Humanity" for the sake of convenience.