Museum of Humanity

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Inside the Museum of Humanity.

The Museum of Humanity is a large museum, dedicated to the celebration of the history of the human race - with elements of focus on its survival during the Human-Covenant War.[1]


Model room[edit]

The museum contained the following exhibits in a room dedicated to models and dioramas:

Weapon room[edit]

A Spiker on display at the Museum of Humanity.

The museum contained at least the following exhibits in a room filled with weapons and other war relics:


John-117 Monument[edit]

In 2607, the John-117 Monument begun construction for the Museum, to commemorate the Spartan's service to mankind. It was completed in 2610.[1]


The Museum is also the site of interviews of retired soldiers, including Pawel Czernek,[3] Roland Huffman, and Tomas Navarro. Model and actual Covenant weapons that had been recovered have been seen as well as the human weaponry.[2]


On January 15, 2610, a package of artifacts assembled from the Fall of Reach was sent from the Epsilon Eridani system to the museum. This included Dr. Catherine Halsey's personal journal and a 1:53 scale replica of memorial statue of SPARTAN NOBLE Team in Hősök tere in New Alexandria. The package was intended for the curator of the museum, Ms. Bjarne.[4]


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