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Good day - I don't know how active you are but I'd like to partner up with one or two from the community. My purpose is to create some videos on the lore of Halo. Who would be the best persons to speak with about this?

thank you - Pete


Hi, Braidenvl. I found an error in the GEN2 armor permutations tab. Vanguard is misspelled at Vangard and I don't know how to change it.


could we grant me access to creating the page Sentinel pulse. It is empty. Thanks Truth7


i messed it up with Douglas article could you fix the gallery article?


Oops, meant to put 'Her perception OF John-117 AS her little brother'...dunno how to edit messages...sorry.


Hi! You're the first administrator in the list so you get my message (lol). I was on Wiki several years back (on Halo Roleplaying), and I stumbled across something I thought might be worth-mentioning on Cortana's page.

Only problem is, I don't know how to work the reference list to add it in there. Her perception as John-117 as her little brother is YUUUGE (IMO), and I don't see it anywhere on there. I humbly request your assistance in doing this correctly, thanks.

- Abbz.


I gotcha' man. Asked your Zealot question.


Hi Braidenvl,

I'd like to change my username (just this once), is there any way I can do this?

Thanks, Sam.