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This page is an official Halopedia policy
Please read through the policy below to familiarize yourself with our common practices and rules.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please post them on the talk page.

This page details the wiki's policy for images and audio. Like most wikis, Halopedia allows users to upload images and audio for use on articles and user pages.

Uploading images or audio can be done at the upload file page. How to do this can be found at the image help section. However, some images and audio are subject to immediate deletion if they fall within the following grounds for deletion.

Uploading an image

Before you upload an file, you need to question whether it's actually necessary to upload the file! Files should only be uploaded to files when they are going to be used on one of the following spaces:

  1. Articles
  2. User pages
  3. Talk pages
  4. Templates
  5. MediaWiki Pages
  6. Categories (On rare occasions)

If the image is not going to be used on one of the above spaces, then please use an independent image hosting site, an example being tinypic. Images which are uploaded that are not to be used on the site itself will be deleted - Halopedia is not an image hosting site!

The policy

  • First and foremost, the image or audio to be uploaded must comply with US copyright laws. A violation of this warrants deletion.
  • Official images or audio should be used for articles: images or audio with custom content are not allowed in articles unless it can be shown to serve a particular purpose.
  • Filenames for images or audio must be sufficiently brief and simple. It should provide the source of the image along with a short, simple description of what the image covers.
    • Filename format: File:<SOURCE OF IMAGE> <DESCRIPTION>.jpg
    • For example, you have an image of Thom-293 from Deliver Hope trailer. The filename should be File:DeliverHope - Thom.jpg. A dash (-) is optional. For longer filenames, abbreviations are recommended.
  • Users may not attempt to "claim" fair use files as somehow belonging to them, or include their username in file titles, outside of personal images.
  • Images that were previously intended to be used for user pages/personal use but have not been in used for quite some time are subjected to be deleted by the administration. As such, no notice will be given to the uploader.
  • Leaked images or audio are to be deleted and uploaders will be subjected to Halopedia's blocking policy.
  • Preferred filetypes for images are PNG for transparent images and JPG for normal-everyday images. GIFs are to be used sparingly unless it can be shown to be necessary to serve a particular purpose. WebP is an option for higher-quality animations than GIF allows.
  • Preferred filetypes for audio are MP3 or OGG/OGA.

Image quality

All images should be of the highest quality possible - users should avoid images which are pixelated, contain watermarks, or are under 300x300px. Image renders are preferable over non-rendered images when the image is of an object or character.

Here is an example of Basic list of which images are and are not acceptable qualities for upload:

Image Acceptable Reason
HP Policy ImageExample-Ideal.png Yes The image is high quality and has a transparent background - most preferable version of image
HP Policy ImageExample-BlockColourBackground.png Yes The image is high quality, but contains a block white background
HP Policy ImageExample-DesignedBackground.png Yes The image is high quality, however still contains a background.
HP Policy ImageExample-TooPixelated.png No Image is of low quality as it is pixelated.
HP Policy ImageExample-TooBlurry.png No Image is of low quality as it is blurry.
HP Policy ImageExample-TooSmall.png No Image is too small.
HP Policy ImageExample-AcceptableWatermark.png Only with express permission given by administration. Image contains watermark in corner.
HP Policy ImageExample-BadWatermark.png No. Watermark obscures subject of the image.

Grounds for deletion

An image or audio file uploaded to Halopedia can be deleted if it falls within any of the following:

  • Obscene: Halopedia is not a censored website, and the target audience for the Halo universe is 17 years and above. However, all images and audio that contain obscenities such as pornography, graphic real-world violence, or sexual acts are not permissible on the site, or on user pages. The developers of Halo do not produce such images, and thus they have no place on the site. These images also have great potential to offend other users. Repeatedly uploading such images or audio can be grounds for blocking for vandalism as part of Halopedia's blocking policy.
  • Unused: Halopedia is not a repository for images or audio that are unrelated to Halo and unusable on article pages. Images or audio that are uploaded by users for individual user pages will be added to their user page and organized into an image category for proper use. If an image or audio is not related to Halo whatsoever, is then uploaded and not used, it will be deleted.
  • Duplicate: Halopedia's image categories were created and organized so that users could find desired images relatively quickly and so that duplicate images are not uploaded. Though Halopedia has unlimited space for images and articles, duplicate images create confusion and make organization difficult. Duplicate images or audio that are uploaded will be deleted and redirected to the original image.
  • Copyright violations: Material copied from sources that are not public domain or compatibly licensed without the permission of the copyright holder (unless brief quotation used in accordance with non-free content policy and guideline) is likely to be a copyright violation. For more information about copyright, visit Halopedia:Copyrights.


If a piece of official Halo media "breaks" the Obscene guideline, it will be allowed on the wiki in the grounds of record use only. An example of this can be found in i love bees where a character is raped.