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Halo: The Rubicon Protocol

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Halo: The Rubicon Protocol
Front cover of Halo: The Rubicon Protocol.
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Kelly Gay[1][2]

Cover artist(s):

William "Pixelflare" Cameron[1]

Publication information


Gallery Books[1]

Publication date:

August 9, 2022[3]


352 pages




Halo: The Rubicon Protocol is a Halo novel by Kelly Gay, following surviving members of the United Nations Space Command as they mount a resistance against the Banished following their ambush by them in late 2559.[4] The novel was originally set to be released March 15, 2022, but later was delayed to June 28, 2022,[5] then delayed again to August 9, 2022.[1][3]

In celebration of San Diego Comic Con between July 21–24, 2022, a few limited copies of The Rubicon Protocol were released early through the Simon & Schuster booth at the convention.[6] Additionally, on the 8th and 29 July respectively, two short previews of the book were officially released by 343 Industries, with a third released in a Canon Fodder on 2 August. The links to these previews can be found at the bottom of this page.

Official summary[edit]

2560. Humanity finds its back against the wall after the United Nations Space Command flagship Infinity dropped out of slipspace into a devastating ambush launched by the Banished. As this fierce enemy alliance seeks to claim a powerful weapon hidden within the ancient Forerunner ringworld known as Zeta Halo, the surviving UNSC forces now find themselves compromised and its leadership out of reach—with remaining personnel forced to abandon ship and take their chances on the fractured, unpredictable surface of the Halo ring.

Now survival in this strange, alien environment—whether for Spartan super-soldiers or those who never thought they would see the battle up close—is measured day-to-day against a relentless and brutal adversary that always has the upper hand. Desperation grows, but the will to keep on fighting and enduring no matter the odds is never in doubt… even as the Banished seek to unleash a frightening new enemy that could doom them all...[7]

Plot summary[edit]

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Production notes[edit]

Despite having narrative connections to Halo Infinite, Halo: The Rubicon Protocol was reported prior to release to stand on its own and would not be "required reading" for fans to understand the game's story.[1]


In the novel, Nina Kovan mentions that herself and Bonita Stone had served together for a decade between 2550 and 2560, with the two having first met aboard the warship UNSC Relentless Watch.[8] This would seemingly contradict the birth date given for Stone in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition), in which Stone is established to have been born in 2535.[9] Were this the case, the two would have met when Stone was only fifteen years old, leading to her death at the age of twenty-four.



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