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The MA series is a series of air-cooled, gas-operated assault rifles produced by Misriah Armory that are used by the United Nations Space Command Armed Forces. They are chambered for a variety of cartridges, though the most common is the 7.62×51mm round, with specialist ammunition available via request.[1] They can be fired at a full range settings, though the most common is fully automatic. All iterations of the MA series are presumably bullpup weapons, with the receiver and feeding system located behind the trigger. The weapons of the MA series are rather heavy, though they are easy to clean and use. They are capable of performing in a variety of combat scenarios. The MA series includes the MA5 subseries, which has served as the UNSC's primary service rifle since 2437.[2][3] The weapons of the MA5 series, and presumably the whole of the MA series, are capable of being outfitted with M301 Grenade Launchers and underslung shotguns.[4]


MA5 Series[edit]

  • MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System - The MA37 is the UNSC Army's variant of the MA5 series. The MA37 receives a thirty-two round magazine.[2]
  • MA5B Individual Combat Weapon System - The MA5B is commonly used by the UNSC Marine Corps and Navy. It saw more frequent usage before and during the early years of the Human-Covenant War. Following the introduction of the MA5C, it is often relegated to use in short-range combat. The MA5B receives a sixty-round magazine.[2]
  • MA5C Individual Combat Weapon System - The MA5C is an improvement upon the MA5B, featuring a heavier barrel with a one-in-seven twist, a stronger spring mechanism, and a sturdier, more ergonomically designed handguard. It receives a thirty-two round magazine; the reduced magazine capacity in relation to the MA5B is part of an effort to prevent wearing of the magazine spring.[4] It is used by the Marine Corps and the Navy in short-to-mid range combat.[2]
  • MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System - The MA5D is the most recent iteration of the MA series.
  • MA5K Carbine - The MA5K is a carbine variant of the MA5 that used almost exclusively by Special Forces units. It receives a thirty-round magazine[2] and is seemingly modular, capable of being assembled in various configurations.[7]


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