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Battle rifles are a type of rifle employed by human military forces. They are often commonly employed by UEG-aligned militaries such as the United Nations Space Command [1] and independent paramilitaries - with some examples used for protection of colonial politicians, such as the Gao Republic's President.[2] They came into prominence during the mid-25th century prior to the Insurrection, gaining widespread popularity across the military.[3]


Design details[edit]

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BR series[edit]

The BR85N (left) and the BR55 (right).

The BR series of battle rifles are created by Misriah Armory, they have a long history of use throughout the Human-Covenant War.[1] A recreational light projector used in sports called the BRXX LIGHTFIRE was also created by Misriah.[4]

BR55 series[edit]

BR75 series[edit]

  • BR75 Battle Rifle
  • BR75 Breacher - Increased rate of fire and stopping power.[5]
  • BR75 [HCS] AKRIVEIA - Sport package upgrade.[6]
  • BR75 HAZCON - Modified barrel that has fabric and a new carry handle.[7]

BR85 series[edit]

Other BR[edit]

  • BRXX Lightfire - A light gun created for recreational tactical sports leagues.

SA series[edit]

The SA series of battle rifles are created by Sevine Arms, they saw use protecting politicians such as the president of the Gao Republic.[2]


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