Oracle elevator glitch

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The Oracle Elevator Glitch in action.

The Oracle elevator glitch is a glitch-based trick that leaves the two players suspended above Threshold in the Halo 2 campaign level, The Oracle.


Halo 2[edit]

  1. Play The Oracle in Co-op (This glitch works only in Co-op).
  2. Get to the cinematic where the Arbiter says he will cut the cable, then go up to the elevator .
  3. Have one player stay behind while the other player enters and activates the elevator.
  4. Wait for about two or three seconds after the elevator leaves then have the player that stayed behind walk on the elevator platform and press X to bring the elevator down (It must be timed right before you get teleported to the other player's position).
  5. If done correctly, you will be suspended in the sky on top of the elevator. Around you walls will appear and disappear as you walk around.

Note: You must have perfect timing or it will not work. Also, if you get teleported into the elevator with the other player, and the elevator starts to go down, you have done it correctly.

Note: You are invincible until you fall off, but you will rarely survive the fall.

A similar glitch can be done after cutting the cables. Stand on the elevator and right when the station goes into free fall, jump. If done correctly, you will continue to rise upwards and not come back down. You will go up faster and faster until you hit a death barrier.

Halo 3 Elevator or "Butterfly" Glitch[edit]

Note: This can be done in Multiplayer or Campaign as long as you have a partner

  1. Find a right angle that leads up to where you cannot usually get to.
  2. Have a friend stand on your head and look straight into the corner and also walk into it.
  3. Do the same as your partner, and walk into the corner while looking straight into it.
  4. The person on the bottom should tap A in a rapid, repetitive way.
  5. You should rise up to the top.

Note: The top person and bottom person should continuously walk into the corner for it to work.