Forward Unto Dawn glitch

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The Dawn, as seen using glitch.
The back of Forward Unto Dawn using Forward Unto Dawn Glitch
Back of the Dawn as seen using this glitch.

Forward Unto Dawn glitch is a Halo 3 glitch. By exploiting this glitch, you can get a better look at the Forward Unto Dawn in Theater mode.


On the level, The Ark, when the Forward Unto Dawn arrives and starts deploying its Warthogs and Scorpions, you can get a closer look at it by going into Theater mode.

Go into floating camera mode and position the camera under the Forward Unto Dawn's cargo bay with your back to the end of the plateau. Go backwards until you are stopped by an invisible barrier then press LB to go down. Keep going until the barrier ends. Go backwards as far as you can and you will be outside the barrier. Now you are free to take a closer look at the Forward Unto Dawn.

This is also achievable through theater mode on the level, Halo, at the very end.