Unintended firing glitch

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The unintended firing glitch is a glitch that can be performed in Halo: Reach. It results in a player continually firing their weapon or throwing a grenade while the game is paused.


Method (unintentionally firing weapons)[edit]

  1. Equip an automatic weapon, detached turret, or a vehicle with an automatic weapon system (Warthog turret, Sabre, etc).
  2. Crouch.
  3. Press Start or cause your controller to disconnect (Take the battery out or hold the guide button and then select "Disconnect controller")

Your character should now be firing continuously, reloading if necessary, until you re-connect your controller. Note, if your are playing offline, only a single round will be fired when the start menu is exited.

Method (unintentionally throwing grenade)[edit]

  1. With any Armor Ability (except Sprint or Active Camouflage) equipped, hold down the Armor Ability button or bumper.
  2. Pause the game by pressing start or disconnecting your controller.

When you resume the game, your character will throw a grenade.


  • If this glitch is done on a Spartan Laser, the laser will charge up but stay at full charge and not fire.
  • This glitch is particularly annoying when playing Matchmaking games as it makes you stand out. Particularly if you accidentally disconnect your controller, as by the time it is reconnected, you may be out of ammo.