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A glitched Scorpion.

The turretless vehicle glitch is a glitch that typically removes vehicles' armaments present in Halo 3's Forge. The glitch can be replicated in Halo: Reach, though it is considered more of a gameplay element than an actual glitch.

Halo 3[edit]

Method one[edit]

In Forge, enter Edit Mode and bring up the object menu by pressing X. Scroll to the Vehicles category, and move the cursor over whichever vehicle you wish to perform the glitch on. Get the party leader to start a new round. Just after "Round over" is heard, the screen will fade to black, and the menu will stay up for several seconds after "Round over" was uttered.

As soon as the screen goes completely black, spawn the vehicle—if you spawn the vehicle too early, it will spawn normally, but if you wait too long, the menu will close automatically. When the new round has started, go to the spot that you were previously standing. The turretless vehicle should be in the position you spawned it in. The vehicle will only remain in its turret-less state for that particular round.

If you start a new round, end the game, or save the map with the turretless vehicle and load it again in Forge or in a Custom Game, the vehicle will be in its normal state.

The ability to perform this glitch depends on who is the connection host. Whoever is the connection host of the game will not be able to perform this glitch. Anyone who is not a connection host will all have the ability to do this glitch.

The connection host cannot perform this glitch, as it depends on a communication error. Specifically, a client spawns the vehicle, but the host starts the new round before the vehicle's turret can be spawned with the vehicle (a vehicle and its turret are two different objects).

This method does not affect Elephants because the Elephant is not an object that can be spawned in Forge.

Method two[edit]

In Forge or Custom Games, find out who is the connection host. Then start a new round. When the screen goes dark, have the connection host leave the game. This will cause the game to search for a new connection host. When the round begins, every vehicle on the map, including the Elephant, will be turretless.

This method must be used if you are planning to make the Elephant Turretless.

Method three[edit]

In Forge, you'll need two players in the game, one in Edit mode, the other in Player mode. The Player in Edit mode should press "X" then spawn the vehicle you want to be turretless then press "Y" to delete it,, that will make it selected in the list, Player 2 should then press "Start" to open up the pause menu and highlight "start new round" Player 1 should press "X" and Player 2 should press "A" at the same time. If done correctly the Forge list will appear in Player 1's screen while the game starts a new round, after the screen goes black Player 1 should press "A", when the new round starts the vehicle will be turretless.

The method is easy to use when not on Xbox Live and can be used when not connected to Xbox Live.

This method does not affect Elephants because the Elephant is not an object that can be spawned in Forge.

Halo: Reach[edit]

While not technically a glitch, players can also replicate the same outcome in Halo: Reach. The easiest method is to spawn a Kill Ball and place the vehicle just inside the Kill Ball, such that the turret itself is inside the kill ball. The turret will pop off or just disappear, and the player will be left with a turretless vehicle. Alternatively, the same could be achieved by applying enough damage by means of heavy weapons on the turret of the vehicle. This method also works in Halo 4, although it will only affect some vehicles.

The glitch may also be created by splash damaging the vehicle with a spartan laser, but will recover upon respawn.

The Scorpion can be made turretless in Halo Reach by firing at the section where the turret meets the main body of the tank with a spartan laser



The vehicles lose their turrets. Warthogs gain a resemblance to Civilian Warthogs or Scout Warthogs. The turret mounts remain on the Warthog in Halo: Reach.


The vehicles lose their cannons and turrets. The alterations made to Zurdo-pattern Wraiths are quite striking, as the mortar launcher comprises a large portion of a Wraith's rear. In Halo: Reach, the Wraith's turret will not fall off.


The weapons are disabled.


Weapons are disabled in Halo 3. In Halo: Reach, they gain no effects.


Horn is disabled.[verification needed]


Weapons have been disabled. Hornets gain a resemblance to Transport Hornets.


The side mounted turrets disappear.


The Elephant loses its turret, and the horn has been disabled.


  • In Halo 3, if a non-connection host drives such a vehicle and attempts to fire its weapons, they would be able to see the weapons being fired, but no one else will, and no actual projectiles will be produced. The connection host also cannot fire the weapons at all.
  • The horn for vehicles will not work for people who are the connection host. Only non-connection hosts can use and hear the horn.


Halo 3[edit]

Halo: Reach[edit]