Armory roof glitch

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This glitch is an exploit in Halo 5: Guardians where a player can phase into the upper wall of an Armory's entrance, rendering themselves nearly impossible to kill and the Armory incapable of being captured.


To perform the glitch, a player must drive a Warthog up to an Armory's roof and park it above the small doorway not underneath a balcony. Positioning the Hog so that a pair of its wheels are hanging off the edge of the roof will cause the vehicle to clip through the roof's surface. When exiting the Hog, the player will then pass through the roof and land inside a hollow area within the Armory wall. As the base registers their presence as being "inside" the building, the affected Armory cannot be captured by the opposing team while the cheating player hides inside.


While inside the Armory wall, a player cannot be shot, meleed, or killed with grenades. However, a weapon with an area of affect such as a Gravity Hammer can still damage them. To kill an exploiting player, an opposing player can spawn a Gravity Hammer and hit them with it through the wall to kill them.

One could also perform the glitch themselves to attack the cheating player from within the wall. If their Warthog is still on the roof, it cannot be entered in its current position. To counter-glitch, one must knock the Hog off the roof and drive it back up to reposition it. The driver will then be able to enter the spot where the exploiting player is.

Because Warzone has no friendly fire, an allied player cannot kill their exploiting teammate. However, they could possibly knock their teammate's Warthog off the roof before the glitch can be done, such as with the Spartan Charge.

The glitch was patched on April 6 2016 with the Ghosts of Meridian update.[1]