Teleporting Half-Jaw

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Teleporting Half-Jaw is a simple glitch on the Halo 2 level The Oracle.


  1. Start the level Oracle on any difficulty.
  2. Make sure you have an Energy Sword.
  3. Play through until the part where the Commander Sesa 'Refumee protects himself using a type of Force Field.
  4. Wait until Rtas 'Vadumee says I'll follow when our reinforcements arrive.
  5. Switch to your Energy Sword and melee 'Vadumee through the door and onto the elevator.
  6. Fight off any Flood Combat Forms, Infection Forms and Sentinels while keeping Half-Jaw on the elevator. Alternatively, you can just start the elevator, while your enemies attack you.
  7. Start the elevator.
  8. As soon as the elevator starts up, Commander 'Vadumee will disappear using the same animation seen when the Gravemind teleported the Arbiter and Master Chief.