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Production information


AMG Transport Dynamics, Michelin-Vance and Bungie Motor Works[1]

Product line:

Civilian luxury transport


M12 Warthog FAV


86,000 cR (2553 Standard Model)[2]
81,000 cR (2553 Manual-transmission)[2]
91,000 cR (2553 Limited edition)[2]

Technical specifications


6.1 meters (20 feet)


3.2 meters (10.5 feet)


3 meters (9.75 feet)


3 metric tons (3.25 tons)

Maximum speed:

125 kph (78 mph)


12.0 L liquid-cooled hydrogen-injected ICE


ballistic polycarbonate, titanium, and carbon nanotube.


  • Driver (1)
  • Passenger (1)


Luxury transport



"It's Beauty and the Beast."
— Advertisement for the Hog

The "Hog" is the civilian version of the ubiquitous M12 Warthog FAV utilized by the United Nations Space Command.[2]

Design details[edit]

Designed and manufactured by AMG Transport Dynamics, the three and half-ton civilian edition of the M12 Warthog FAV is available in a wide range of colors, trim, and equipment specifications. This heavy-duty, off-road vehicle is extremely popular with off-world explorers: compared to the military version, this is a luxurious automobile, with trans-system GPS; omni-directional, networked surround sound; an acoustic dampening field to cancel out road and engine noises; complete user-specific voice control; a highly efficient, long-range power cell; and the capability to drive itself.[2]


2549 model[edit]

"Drive with reckless abandon in the new 12th-gen Hog. Comfort, luxury, bone-crushing power; it's beauty and the beast."
— Warthog advertisement

The 2549 model had less power than the 2553 model per wheel in terms of horsepower and kilo-wattage. As with every other iteration of the Hog, each wheel has an independent drive-by-wire electric motor, with power generated by a forward-housed low-profile hydrogen I/C plant. The hydrogen fuel is burned at a very high temperature with a synthetic carbon and silicon catalyst to achieve better fuel consumption.[2]

2553 model[edit]

The 2553 edition features a Graf/Hauptman solar/saline actuator capable of converting up to 12 liters of fresh, brackish, or salt water into hydrogen, with increased efficiency allowing the vehicle to get a range of around 200 kilometers after an overnight condensation capture. It has advanced computer systems that allow a perfect distribution of power to every wheel over any surface and is only prone to flipping in hard-bank turns. Thanks to an increased structural rigidity and gas-inflated restraints, this vehicle holds the honor of having the highest passenger safety rating of any recreation vehicles in 2553.[2]

It has a wide range of colors, trim and equipment specifications. It also is built with trans-system GPS, omni-directional networked surround sound, complete user-specific voice control and a highly efficient long range power cell.[3]

This model of hog had 315kw power, 819Nm torque, and a V6/12L engine. It also used SUNS tires.[4]

There was also a "Factory Equipped" model for cR 82,000, which had RTPCS rims.[5]

The standard model starts at a hefty 86,000 UEG credits. This model had RJM 36" 7c rims.[4]

A manual-transmission version stickers at cR 81,000, while the limited edition wood-trimmed Classic Edition with winch, tow and luggage rack tops out at a price of cR 91,000.[2]

2556 model[edit]

"...best driving utility vehicle on the market."
Car & Pilot Magazine[6]

The 2556 model changes the body of the hog to a new chassis. It features a trans-system Global Positioning System, multi-user voice controls, high-quality surround sound system, and the luxurious appeal seen in previous editions of the Hog.[6] Actor Paul Gustafson‎ was cast for an advertisement of the model on Ganymede.[7]

2558 model[edit]

"Enjoy the latest in comfort and off-road performance with the 2558 HOG"
— Hog advertisement[8]

The 2558 model has a few minor changes in design compared to previous models, including railings around the vehicle.[8]


  • A billboard for a yellow Civilian Warthog can be spotted on the Halo 2 multiplayer maps Headlong, Turf, and District, and the campaign level Metropolis. A variation of the billboard also appears in the Halo: Reach/Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary remake of Headlong, Breakneck.
  • The Warthog and Hog's relation is a parallel to the present days' Humvee and Hummer, and the past's military and civilian Jeeps.
  • The Civilian Warthog was featured in the December 2551 Edition of Car & Pilot Magazine.
  • The M12 LRV in Halo 3 can be made to look like a civilian Warthog through certain glitches. Something similar is possible in Halo: Reach by simply spawning a Kill Ball and an M12 LRV. Just grab the vehicle and move it into the Kill Ball for a second then move it out. The Kill Ball should render the vehicle without a turret, but the stand for the gun shall remain in place whereas in Halo 3, there is no visible evidence it was ever even there.


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