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M12B Force Application Vehicle
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Production information


AMG Transport Dynamics[1]




343,000 cR (2554 model)[2]

Technical specifications


6 meters (20 ft) (M12)[3]
6.3 meters (21 ft)[1] (M12B)


3 meters (9.8 ft)[4]


3.2 meters (10 ft) (M12)[4]
2.3 meters (7.5 ft) (M12B)[5]


3 metric tons (3.0 LT; 3.3 ST)[1][3]

Maximum speed:

125 km/h (78 mph)[1]


1 2.0 L liquid-cooled hydrogen-injected ICE


Ballistic polycarbonate, titanium, carbon nanotube




1 driver, 1 passenger (varies by model)[1]


Year introduced:



  • Infantry mobility/multipurpose vehicle[6]
    • Internal security
    • Military patrol
    • Rapid transport[6]
    • Reconnaissance
  • Force application vehicle[1]
    • Anti-armoured platform[1]
    • Anti-aircraft platform[1]
    • Anti-personnel platform[7]



The M12B Warthog Force Application Vehicle is a military vehicle employed by the United Nations Space Command armed forces, and a variant of the venerable M12 Warthog. It was infrequently employed late in the Human-Covenant War and became a predominant sight in the Post-War era.

Design details[edit]

For more general Warthog design specifics, see the section on the M12 Warthog page here.

The M12B design pattern had been introduced into UNSC service by at least late 2552.[5] It incorporated side compartments into the body, features a more angular body style, utility bars over the hood and around the bed, and several other largely cosmetic changes, while keeping a similar design to the first chassis. This design typically carries several Jerrycans filled with water to be rendered into hydrogen for the engine. It has a lighting system of 24 LED brake light and ULED headlights. This chassis has a programmable nano-prismatic paint to refract color at any chromacity, depending on the vehicle's destination. A security bit was designed to prevent marines from tinkering with the finish, based on early and embarrassing experiences of the tech's deployment.[2] Unlike most models used throughout the Human-Covenant War, this chassis uses a swing-axle system, a redesigned transmission and drive shafts, and constant-velocity joints.


2552 model[edit]

This design does not have an antenna on it, used a military alphabet stencil for the word "UNSC" on its body, has the original UNSC logo on it, and uses white paint for the arrows on the hood of the engine. In the hood, the engine has a black battery, and green chairs. This version of the M12B was stocked by the Marine forces of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn during the Battle of Installation 04[8] alongside regular M12 Warthogs,[9] and were later used by forces deploying from the UNSC In Amber Clad later in the year during the battles of Mombasa[10] and Delta Halo.[11]

2554 model[edit]

The 2554 M12B Force Application Vehicle "Warthog". What is unique about this variant is that is has a SLED searchlight, has "M-12" written on the steering wheel, used the original black colored UNSC insignia, uses a military alphabet stencil for the word "UNSC" and "STEP" on its body, has a yellow battery in the hood, and has an antenna on it. It also has a side rack holding something. In the seating area this one has brown chairs with bars to reinforce them, and a health pack between the seats of this variant. Unlike other models using this chassis, this one uses a dual spring suspension to keep the vehicle stable in different environments. This model also is darker than other models.[2]

2557 model[edit]

This model of the Warthog uses the post-war UNSC emblem, uses red paint for the arrows on the hood of the engine, and has a slightly darker shade of green. It was employed during the Battle of Requiem and ensuing Requiem Campaign in 2557 and 2558, respectively.

2558 model[edit]

This chassis entered service sometime after the Requiem Campaign.[12] It is equipped with a variety of new weapons across its variants, including the M343A2 chaingun,[13] the M70 Gauss cannon,[14] and the M80 missile launcher,[15] as well as a number of experimental munitions, particularly Warthogs operated by ONI forces.[16]

What makes this model so unique from the previous ones that use the M12B chassis is that is uses an orange colored battery and lacks the overhead screen between the two seats that previous models had. It also has bars to reinforce the chairs.

The 2558 model of M12B Warthog has several variants;

  • Corp Scout Warthog - Demilitarized Warthog with extra armor used by the Liang Dortmund Corporation.[16]
  • Tundra Scout Warthog - A tundra camouflaged variant used by the UNSC to transport food and fuel during tundra and arctic campaigns. Features better armor than the Corp Hog.[16]
  • Urban Scout Warthog - An urban camouflaged variant used by the UNSC. Features better armor than the Corp Hog.[16]
  • Woodland Scout Warthog - A woodland camouflaged variant used by the UNSC. Features better armor than the Corp Hog.[16]
  • ONI Scout Warthog - The ONI Warthog features better armor than the camouflaged models and is only superficially similar to the standard military models.[16]
  • #550 Scuderia StarSpeed M-12R - An exemplar of heavily modified Rally Warthogs homologated for racing series across multiple systems and fitted with the latest hydrogen-burning turbines and ceramic applique armor, this Rally Warthog can handle environmental hazards that would leave even mil-spec vehicles as broken wrecks.[17]

2560 model[edit]

The M12B seen during confrontations on Zeta Halo stays true to its previous incarnation's designs, but with slight aesthetic differences, notably, the lack of utility bars along the front and rear end of the vehicle.


M12B-platform Warthogs typically operate different weaponry to their M12 counterparts. The M12B Warthog LRV generally equips M46 Vulcan or M343A2 chainguns, while the Gauss variant equips M68 Gauss cannons or M70 Gauss cannons and the rocket variant equipping either an M79 rocket launcher or an M80 missile launcher. In addition, several other armed variants of M12B Warthog exist, including one equipped with a mounted flamethrower, and others with increased armour protection.

Civilian use[edit]

The M12B has seen extensive alteration for use on the civilian market. The M12S Warthog CST is one of the most prominent examples, outfitted for cross-country and other racing duties. The #550 Scuderia StarSpeed M-12R is another such example, based on the 2558 chassis. Several variants of the "Hog" line of vehicles, including the 2556 and 2558 models are also based on the M12B design. While never actually considered for production, Project HOGSTICKER would also have potentially shared visual similarities with the M12B.

Non-canon and dubious canon appearances[edit]

Silver Timeline[edit]

Main article: Silver Timeline

M12B Warthogs are used by humanity for transportation.[18]


  • The Halo 4 Warthog is featured in Forza Motorsport 4,[19] where it is not drivable in-game, although it appears in the Autovista mode where players can examine various details of cars. The Warthog descriptions feature narration by Cortana.
    • It is unlocked by unlocking all other non-DLC cars in Autovista.[20]
    • Turn 10 Studios (developers of the Forza series) considered adding the Warthog as a drivable vehicle, but due to Forza's focus on technical accuracy, the Warthog would have been difficult to implement due to its large size, unusual 4-wheel drive mechanics, unusual tires, and the various fictional technologies employed.[21]
      • It wasn't until Forza Horizon 3 in 2016 that a drivable Warthog would be made available in the Forza series.[22]
  • The Scout Warthog can be more useful in combat if one player stands on the back of the Warthog with a turret. This can provide for a makeshift Warthog with more powerful turrets.


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