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August 2167

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Vladimir Koslov was a miner-turned activist that led the Koslovic movement in the mid-22nd century.[1]


Vladamir Koslov belonged to a family of miners in the city and colony of Oenotria on Mars. At the time, Oenotria was dominated by corporations. Koslov and other miners began to rail against financial exploitation of themselves by the aforementioned corporations. Eventually, he came to be seen as a leader and the resentment he gave voice to culminated in the seizure of three major mining facilities in the city by Koslovic miners.[2] This act led to the Koslovics being deemed terrorists by the United Nations. Their ideas, however, gained momentum across Mars and rural parts of Luna, among people who felt government-sponsored companies were violating the rights of colonists. In the years that followed the initial breakout of violence, the movement grew rapidly in support and resources. As the movement spread and its ideology evolved, the Koslovics came to be known for seeking a move toward communism and the elimination of Earth's corporate influence on multiple colonies and orbital facilities.[3]

By 2160, a conflict between the Koslovics and the Friedens had escalated to a full-scale war, identified as the Jovian Moons Campaigns, rooted in the directly opposing political views of each faction. The warring halted by late 2161 and for several months there was peace between the groups. This interlude was short-lived, however, as a series of bombings in February of 2162 in South America resumed hostilities and began the Rainforest Wars. In December of that same year the Friedens, in response to the assassination of their leader, launched a large-scale campaign against Argyre Planitia, the hub of Koslovic activity on Mars. The city was obliterated within hours. By January of 2164, the newly-formed United Nations Space Command entered the conflict, beginning the Interplanetary War.[4]

Although the Koslovics suffered extensive losses in the early parts of a two-year long indiscriminate UNSC assault on their forces across Mars, they continued to thrive on Luna and isolated parts of Earth. In August of 2167, however, Vladimir Koslov and his family were killed in a bombing near Lake Autolycus on Luna. While the UNSC denied involvement, many believed that the Friedens were not capable of carrying out such an attack. Whatever the cause, this act severed the head of the Koslovic movement.[5]

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