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Hello, I Think the medals page for halo 5 is incomplete and needs work, I am bad at making new pages. Thanks


Hi Jugus, I commented on the Talk page. I'll see if I can get anything further.


Hey, I have a quick request to make of you, when you have the time. Could scan the image of Arbiter Thel 'Vadam's armor on page 111 from the Halo Mythos book? I would do it myself except I do not have a printer-scanner, and even if I did there is no guarantee it would turn out right. I'm asking because the armor is from Halo 2 Anniversary, and I feel the wiki could use an image with a white background. Thanks! (Btw, I sent this to you on Discord, but I don't know if you ever read it.)


Can I ask for help on refining and improving these pages with instructions on how you make the logos? :) Also for future logos you make put them there. Helps in the long run with this sorta stuff.


Thank you :D May I ask if you can make this image clearer without "any" white around it at all? I was hoping to use it to replace our main current logo image we have.