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This page details all of relevant project and help pages, features and a few other relevant pages on Halopedia. Consider it as a general overview of what is (and was) available on Halopedia.

About Halopedia

General information about the website is listed on out the "About" page. We also have a history page devoted to the evolution of Halopedia, and a set of guidelines. We hope you enjoy using and editing Halopedia!

Social features

Halopedia is one of the very few independent wikis that provides social features for its users. In addition to the freedom to personalise your userpage, you can also upload your own avatar and your Xbox LIVE gamercard, and earn wiki points and receive wiki achievements by editing!


The wiki receives tons of visitors daily. The community of Halopedia grows by the week, as does the quality of the site. Several aspects of the Community have been developed to ensure that this growth will continue.

Guidelines and help pages

If you have any questions regarding editing, read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). If your answer isn't there, ask your question on the discussion page for the FAQ.

Before you begin contributing to Halopedia, please take our policies into consideration. That way, your contributions can be as helpful to Halopedia and its community of users as possible.

Special pages

The following pages were made to help both the users and the administrators of Halopedia. Anyone is welcome to use them.

Remember that above all else, this is a collaborative knowledge-base dedicated to the Halo universe. Excluding those things mentioned in the guidelines, any content that you can contribute to Halopedia is very appreciated!