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This policy governs how Halopedia should be represented externally (i.e. on other sites besides Halopedia, and how it interacts with the wider Halo community.


Halopedia is not responsible for how its users behave on other sites, and should not be held accountable for their actions. All communications that are representative of the views, values and aims of Halopedia will come through official channels, such as the social media accounts. The opinions posted by users of Halopedia do not represent the opinions of the site itself, even if that user is a member of Halopedia staff.

If tensions between Halopedia and another fansite or organization arise as a result of a user breaking this policy, the issue will be dealt with by the Halopedia administration, and may include a ban if the actions were severe enough. Note that this does not include general rule-breaking elsewhere; Halopedia will only involve itself if the user attempted to implicate the site in his or her actions.

Please contact a member of the Halopedia administration if you believe a user is in serious violation of this policy.

Who represents Halopedia?

In short, no-one. Halopedia is a collection of many Halo fans, each with varying views, opinions and beliefs. As a result, no single individual can truly represent the site or its community. This includes members of Halopedia staff - despite their extra permissions, staff members should not be considered spokespeople for the wiki or its community.

The only communications which are representative of Halopedia will come through an official channel, like a blog featured on the front page, or one of the Halopedia social media accounts.

Collaborations with other organizations

Halopedia is always open to the idea of collaborating with other fansites or organizations, provided there is some relation to Halo. If you are affiliated with a group that is interested in collaborating with Halopedia, please reach out to one of our administrators, who are listed here. However, note that Halopedia may not decide to agree to a collaboration, and that if it does, there is still no guarantee that anything will come out of it. Additionally, for legal reasons, Halopedia and its users cannot generate revenue from the site, and so it could not be a commercial endeavor.

Users' behavior on other sites

Halopedia does not attempt to impose restrictions on how its users behave elsewhere, and indeed it would have no way to enforce them if it did. However, Halopedia does request that its users keep the following pieces of advice in mind when discussing the wiki.

  • Users should not claim to represent Halopedia, its community or a subsection thereof. The site is a community of fans, each with their own views and opinions. Hence, Halopedia cannot be represented by any single individual.
  • Simply being an editor on Halopedia does not implicitly make a user an expert on the Halo franchise or its universe. Anyone can edit the wiki regardless of their familiarity with Halo; being a user of the wiki is not some badge of honor awarded only to those most knowledgeable about Halo.
  • Roles on Halopedia hold no authority elsewhere in the Halo community, and users should not act as if they deserve privileges, respect or special treatment simply for being a member of the Halopedia community.

Besides these bullet points, Halopedia does not care how its users act elsewhere, and although it does not condone rule-breaking, it will not affect punishments upon a user on the wiki or Discord for their actions on elsewhere (unless they are in serious violation of any the points above). Furthermore, Halopedia will not accept responsibility for its users actions on other sites.

Breaches of this policy

Halopedia staff do not inherently hold any power elsewhere in the Halo community, and as a result, these rules cannot be strictly enforced. Hence, if you see a user breaking this policy, it is best to simply disregard anything they say in relation to Halopedia, since as stated above, their opinions are not representative of the site in any way.

However, in major cases where the actions of a user (or users) on another site threaten to bring Halopedia into unjust disrepute, Halopedia staff may be forced to take action. This would involve the staff members contacting the moderators of the other sites in question, in order to deal with the issue efficiently and in a way that minimizes the disruption to both Halopedia and the sites where the actions took place. If the actions are linked to a user of Halopedia, it could lead to disciplinary action here as well, such as a block.