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Halopedia has several official accounts on different social media. Each of these accounts are operated by the staff, and only admins are permitted access to them.

List of social media accounts

Platform Account name User page
Bluesky icon.png Bluesky Halopedia on Bluesky
Facebook icon.svg Facebook HalopediaWiki Halopedia on Facebook
Instagram icon.svg Instagram @halopediawiki Halopedia on Instagram
Threads icon.svg Threads @halopediawiki Halopedia on Threads
Tumblr icon.svg Tumblr halopedia Halopedia on Tumblr
X icon.svg X @Halopedia Halopedia on X

Why we have them!

Halopedia has these social media profiles and pages to ensure you are kept up to date on all the latest Halo news from Halopedia, and the overall Halo franchise and community. The pages are also used by the Halopedia administration to interact with the Halo community and be a way for the everyone to interact with the Halopedia staff if they are unable too through the site.

Frequently asked questions

What is social media?

"Social media" is a term for websites and applications that help people share content or network with one another.

Should I follow or subscribe/like to the Halopedia accounts?

We appreciate all support shown to Halopedia through the means of followers, subscribers, likes, reposts, and similar statistics. However, followers and subscribers aren't the reason these social media accounts are run. If you would like to follow/subscribe to any of our accounts, you are welcome to do so, but do not feel duty-bound to do it merely as a show of support.

How can I get access to these accounts?

Only way to gain access to the Halopedia accounts is by being a Halopedia administrator, or to be given access by administrator. This is to ensure that no inappropriate, irrelevant, or low-quality content is put on them.

I have an idea I want to add to the accounts! How can I submit this?

If you have an idea you'd like to see posted on these accounts. Please either message any of the accounts directly, message an administrator, or use this talk page.

I feel an administrator has been inappropriate?

If you feel an administrator has been inappropriate on a official Halopedia social media account. Please either message an unrelated administrator, or use this talk page. The complaint will then be reviewed by the administration team.