Halopedia:Simplified rules

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Halopedia has a large amount of rules and policies, which are in place to help maintain a minimum level of quality on all the wiki's articles and to ensure that all users feel safe and comfortable on Halopedia. However, having so many polices can be a burden for new users, who are unfamiliar with the rules and so need to learn them.

To help mitigate this problem and hence make it easier for new users to join in, this page summarises the rules and policies of Halopedia in a set of bullet points, which are quick to read and easy to understand. As long as new users follow this simplified ruleset, they should not find themselves accidentally breaking any of Halopedia's policies.

Summarized rules

The following bullet points summarize the policies of Halopedia. However, note that these are not the full rules and policies, and that the full policies (which are the ones enforced by Halopedia staff) are linked at the end of each bullet point, in case you need more information.


  • The Manual of Style must be followed on all the wiki's articles, in order to ensure that the standard of quality remains consistent across the wiki. (full policy)
  • All information must be cited from a reliable source. Unsourced information is liable (and likely) to be removed. (full policy)
  • Halopedia only documents official Halo content, closely-related media and, in rare cases, major fan projects. Only information from official, canonical sources should be added to articles relating to the Halo universe. (full policies)
  • Information from upcoming or recently-released Halo media is permitted on the wiki. However, the spoiler header should be added to the top of any pages containing plot details for upcoming/new media. (full policy)
  • Images uploaded to the wiki must be good quality (not pixelated or blurry), high resolution (minimum 360 by 360 pixels) and named according to our naming convention. Ideally, still images should be in the PNG format and animated ones should be in the GIF format. (full policy)
    • Before uploading any images, check that it is not a duplicate of an existing image.
    • Always select the relevant copyright information when uploading, and add the image to the relevant image categories.
    • If it wasn't you who took the image, always seek permission from the creator before uploading, and give credit to them, in the image description.
  • Under no circumstances should leaked information be added to the wiki, as leaks are not reliable sources of information. Leaks can be discussed in Halopedia's social areas, but leaks which originate on Halopedia's forums, talk pages or Discord will be deleted to prevent the spread of potentially false information. (full policy)
  • Vandalism of the wiki's content will not be tolerated, and vandals are likely to be banned to prevent further disruption. The following actions all qualify as vandalism: removal of relevant and correct information, defacing of articles, and posting inappropriate/explicit/offensive media. (full policy)

General conduct

  • When communicating with other Halopedia users, be civil and respect everyone's views and beliefs. Harassment of a user or group of users is forbidden, regardless of basis. Also, images and linked webpages posted during discussions must not be inappropriate, offensive or contain explicit content. (full policy)
  • Spam is not tolerated on the wiki or on Halopedia's social areas, and those who spam are liable to be banned to prevent further disturbances. Note that making many edits in a short period of time would not qualify as spam, provided the edits make a meaningful improvement on the wiki. (full policies)
  • Being an editor of Halopedia does not inherently make you an authority on the Halo series or its lore, and nor does it earn you any implicit respect or privileges elsewhere in the Halo community. Please keep this in mind when using other Halo fansites; regardless of your standing here, you are simply a normal user elsewhere. Additionally, remember that you do not represent the Halopedia community - no single person does - so please do not purport to do so. (full policy)