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A list of articles in various media mentioning Halopedia and its devotion to the Halo universe. Due to the shared history of Halopedia with the FANDOM (formerly Wikia) Halo wiki, Halo Nation, some of these entries reference Halopedia by the name Halo Nation and may reference Wikia.

Bungie News 02/14/2006

Bungie News
Titled: Halopedia Knows
Published: 2/14/2006
Author: stosh 

Dragonclaws writes: If you're reading this, you obviously know what Halo is, but you can't really know Halo unless you learn it's secrets. You've beat the game on Legendary, but have you found the Scarab Gun? Halopedia can help you to attain not only the famous secrets, but the deepest and darkest of them as well. Read on to know where.

Halopedia can tell you nearly anything you may need to know about Halo. Halopedia is also a wiki, which means it's constantly expanding. It knows everything about the Halo games, books, upcoming movie, and other appearances, and with your help, it can grow even larger.

But how can one trust a wiki? Surely some crazy could come in and troll the entire place up. Well... they could, but they wouldn't get too far. Halopedia is guarded by rabid watchdog like fans who are constantly watching the Recent Changes page to check for the slightest error, either grammar or factual. Okay, that's a bit exaggerated. The real deal is that Halopedia is under almost constant watch by someone who can set everything right. With 3 very responsible sysops and a mob of other users, Halopedia is in safe hands.

Be sure to check out Halopedia and even you could find something to contribute.

Tahlequah Daily Press 02/20/2006

Tahlequah Daily Press
Titled: Old Man Winter freezes out Halo tourney
Published: February 20, 2006 01:06 pm
Author: By Teddye Snell, Press Staff Writer 

Part of the game’s attraction is the player’s opportunity to become part of a vast gaming network. While two- to four-player gaming is possible on a single Xbox, the game has the capability to accommodate up to 16 players in one Halo game over a local area network, using four Xboxes that have been connected through the Ethernet hub. Those using the PC version of the game have the added benefit of online play.

"The game has become so popular, it has its own wiki - or expandable encyclopedia, at www.halopedia.org, which gives visitors a thorough overview of the game, with links to even more information."

Navy News 07/03/2006

Navy News
Title: 50 to pick up - Our look at the hottest upcoming video games
Published: July 03, 2006
Author: C. Mark Brinkley

"Didn’t see it? Log on to http://www.xbox.com or http://www.bungie.net. Wanna learn more about the “Halo” universe? Check out the fan resource for all things “Halo” at http://www.halopedia.org."

Halo Effect 04/19/2007

Title: Halo Effect: An Unauthorized Look at the Most Successful Video Game of All Time
Published: April 19, 2007
Author: Glenn Yeffeth, Jennifer Thomason

["Halo Science 101" essay; web-version (without references). Cited Halopedia in list of references; page 55]

Seattle Times 06/04/2007

Seattle Times
Titled: Fighting the Halo 3 hype
Published: Monday, June 4, 2007
Author: Jennifer Buckendorff

But I still didn't get why "Halo 3" will be one for the history books.

I popped over to the "Halopedia" (halo.wikia.com), which explains minutia like the differences between the Covenants' original species. (Like any sci-fi trilogy, "Halo" has a nomenclature all its own.) And, granted, the well-developed world behind "Halo" is much more compelling than similar games.

"Later, I stopped by a bookstore to pick up the "Halo Graphic Novel," a thoughtful collection of four comics based on the story line of the previous games. When the young woman behind the counter handed me my receipt, she nodded and cooed. "I approve," she said — the first time any bookstore employee has commented on a book I've bought."

Message received: "Halo" is a big deal.

Kotaku 06/28/2007

Titled: Games Get Wikia With It
Published: June 28, 2007
Author: Brian Crecente

"Currently the Gaming Wikia is home to tens of thousands of articles about nearly 500 different games and gaming subjects. The entries range from the mammoth (the World of Warcraft wiki sports more than 31,000 articles and the Halopedia has about 2,500) to the minuscule (the entry for Yohoho is six sentences long)."

Joystiq 07/13/2007

Titled: Spotted in E3 Halo 3 demo: gravity hammer
Published: Friday, July 13, 2007
Author: Richard Mitchell

[Image via Halopedia]

PRWEB 06/27/2007

Titled: Halo Fans Flock To Online Sites to Share Game Knowledge and Insights as Halo 3 Beta Comes to Close
Published: July 27, 2007
Author: PRWEB

"Driven by his love for science fiction and technology, 13 year-old Kyle Loh, who also goes by the alias "RelentlessRecusant", began playing Halo in 2003. After mastering the game, Loh began writing articles on Halopedia and eventually became one of the site's most active contributors and editors. Today, Loh is a fulltime Junior-level student at Rutgers University studying neurobiology, but still finds time to contribute regularly to Halopedia. Recently Loh was appointed as one of Halopedia's site administrators and also acts as the Editor-in-Chief of the site's weekly newsletter."

Profy 09/19/2007

Titled: Halopedia Celebrates Halo 3 on Wikia
Published: September 19, 2007
Author: Phil Butler

"My great friends at Wikia forwarded me the news that Halopdedia is hosting a giveaway in honor of the massively anticipated release of Halo 3. Halopedia wants to reward all their loyal contributors with some cool Halo 3 gear. Halopedia just passed the 3,000 article mark on Wikia's gaming network which hosts some of the largest gaming communities anywhere. Halopedia is a valuable resource for all things Halo including game details, tips, tricks and more. The site is already loaded with a great deal of information about Halo 3 which is scheduled for release September 25."

PRWEB 09/19/2007

Titled: With Halo 3 Release Just Days Away, Online Buzz Continues to Skyrocket 
Published: September 19, 2007
Author: PRWEB

"The Wikia Gaming Network (http://www.wikia.com/wiki/Gaming), a collection of community run sites for more than 400 games, today announced that it’s popular Halopedia (http://halo.wikia.com) site has surpassed the 3,000 article mark as interest in all-things Halo continues to increase in advance of the highly-anticipated release of Halo 3 next week."

PRWEB 10/17/2007

Titled: Fresh Off Monumental Debut, Bungie’s Halo 3 Moves Beyond Xbox 360 
Published: October 17, 2007
Author: PRWEB

"Halopedia gives players the opportunity to not only contribute their expertise, but to also work alongside and become friends with some of Halo's most passionate fans and skilled players."

GamesRadar 10/26/2007

Titled: HaloRadar: Easter Eggs, "21 of the coolest hidden treasures in Halo 3"
Published: October 26, 2007
Author: Charlie Barratt

"According to Halopedia, the medal is "earned by winning a multiplayer game by 20 or more kills. The description, 'Luke owes you a steak dinner', comes from a Bungie Humpday Challenge where a steak dinner was bet over a game, in which Will bet that he could beat another team, led by Mike, by at least 20 points. He lost 50-5." Ouch."

Christian Science Monitor 11/05/2007

Christian Science Monitor
Titled: Gamers have skills. Let's tap 'em.
Published: November 5, 2007
Author: Jane McGonigal

"One popular Halo 3 forum now features more than 2 million replies to about 150,000 topics. There's also Halopedia, a wiki devoted entirely to the Halo universe. Halopedia is currently the fourth most active wiki on the Wikia network, with almost 4,000 articles and counting. In fact, three of Wikia's top five most active wikis are dedicated to creating shared knowledge about digital games."

ReadWrite 02/28/2008

Titled: Wikia Open Sources Social Networking – Focused Networking Now Open to All
Published: 02/28/2008
Author: Marshall Kirkpatrick

You can see Wikia’s social networking features live at the popular sports community ArmchairGM (acquired by Wikia for $2m) and the newly re-launched Halopedia, a community for Halo fans.

GamePro 06/16/2008

Titled: Halo Wars: first hands-on
Published: June 16, 2008
Author: Sid Shuman 

"Spend a few minutes browsing the Halopedia and you'll see that Halo players are an obsessive, detail-oriented bunch. That poses another challenge for Ensemble: how to make a deep strategy experience while remaining faithful to the iconic look and feel of the Halo shooters."

GameSpot 09/25/2008

Titled: Bungie drops Shock-Trooper Halo 3 teaser
Published: Thursday, September 25, 2008
Author: Tor Thorsen

"A side-by-side comparison of screenshots from the trailer and from prior Halo games (pictured second) clearly show the capsules have the angular silhouette and signature drag chute of the Human Entry Vehicles (HEVs) used by the ODSTs in prior Halo games. Further examination of a close-up of the capsules (third) and Halopedia's schematic of the HEVs (bottom) confirms it is indeed the so-called "Hell-jumpers" that are raining down on the city, most likely the spaceport of New Mombasa featured in Halo 2 and 3."

IGN 09/25/2008

Titled: Expounding on the Halo 3 Expansion
Published: Thursday, September 25, 2008
Author: IGN Xbox 360 Team

"It would (and frequently does) take an army of Halo fans to decode everything Bungie says and does, and we'll let the fanatics at Halopedia and Bungie.org tear the trailer apart. We're most interested in what form this new project will take, how it will play and when we'll get our hands on it."

GamesRadar 01/07/2009

Titled: GamesRadar's Anti-Awards 2008 
Published: Jan 7, 2009
Author: GamesRadar US

"For those bored by Halo’s trigger-happy gameplay, the word “Recon” promised a fresh approach. “ODST,” on the other hand, is intriguing only to Halopedia writers and promises nothing but a higher Google ranking for the search term “ODST.”"

Bungie.net 01/15/2009

Titled: Breaking In - Rob Adams
Published: January 15, 2009
Author: urk

"Know your Halo history by studying Halopedia, and make sure you’ve finished all three games, and have played all the multiplayer maps a lot."

GamePro 02/18/2010

Titled: Why Master Chief is so interesting
Published: February 18, 2010
Author: Tae K. Kim

"It's only the diehards who've beaten every game multiple times, pored over every page in the Halopedia, and have read all the ancillary novels and comic books who really know Master Chief."

AdAge 05/03/2010

Titled: Wikia’s self-policing social-media model lures big marketers - Community-driven sites advance beyond kiss and tell with their content, and brands couldn’t be happier
Published: 05/03/2010
Author: Edmund Lee

(article intro includes a screenshot of the Halopedia main page alongside that of Lostpedia)

But unlike Wikipedia, the areas that sprout up on Wikia tend to focus on entertainment, such as "Lost" or "Harry Potter" or the video game "Halo," as well as lifestyle subjects like recipes and health.


Other brands have found Wikia to be a great research tool when revising or reinventing existing franchises. Halopedia, which is focused on Microsoft's highly popular first-person shooter game "Halo," is perhaps Wikia's most intense and fanatical community, making it fertile ground for market research.

"Microsoft wanted to find out what it is about 'Halo' that fans really like," Mr. Huseby said of the gaming publisher's relationship with Wikia; Universal McCann managed the campaign. "Halo has branched off in a number of different directions from its original incarnation, and they were trying to update and evolve the franchise, but they wanted to keep certain core aspects of the game true to what the original fans liked about it." With that in mind, Wikia worked with Universal McCann to talk to the Halopedia community and unearth data on which features were essential to the franchise, such as what kind of weaponry was popular, which characters were important, even which battles and expansion packs were imperative.

Free media
"The Halo fans out there are the hardest of the hardcore, and they are the ones that are ravenous about details and characters and lore," said Russell Quinan, senior VP at Universal McCann. "It was a unique opportunity to allow the fans to manage the brand for you."

Mr. Quinan said the online media strategy for Halo involves both Facebook and Wikia. "On the Facebook side, it's about creating awareness, and on the Wikia side it's about evangelism -- you need both. And what's great about the evangelists is you're getting a lot of free media. It looks very promising so far."

Entertainment Examiner 09/13/2010

Entertainment Examiner (dead link, archived on NewsBank)
Titled: 5 Reasons Why You'll Love Halo Reach (and 3 Why You Won't) (Part 3)
Published: 09/13/2010
Author: Mark Fuji

If you haven’t read the books or been faithfully reading every entry on Halopedia, you won’t be able to fully grasp what’s going on, even if you’ve played all the Halo games.

G4TV 09/16/2010

Titled: Missing Master Chief?
Published: September 16, 2010
Author: Chris Monfette

"The answer, quite frankly, is no…Oddly, the lack of the green-clad SPARTAN seems to have both clarified and focused the story. Where the Chief’s journey often bordered on the confusing and utterly incomprehensible – virtually requiring the Halopedia to keep the details straight – the shift toward a more grounded, character-driven experience has proven wildly successful."

Halo Waypoint 12/13/2010

Halo Waypoint
Titled: OutReach: CommanderTony
Published: December 13, 2010
Author: Vociferous

"Commander Tony from Halopedia, a community-maintained Wikipedia site covering all things Halo, sits down with Waypoint for an intense game of Team SWAT on Powerhouse. Afterwards, we take a quick look at the match while chatting about Halo's fiction, about Multiplayer maps in Reach and about basic SWAT tactics (among other things). Check it out!"

Reality is Broken 10 February 2011

Book: Reality is Broken - Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World
Published: February 10, 2011
Author: Jane McGonigal

"Halopedia wiki helps players construct the epic saga of the Halo series"

Halo and Philosophy 12 April 2011

Book: Halo and Philosophy: Intellect Evolved
Published: 12 April 2011
Author: Luke Cuddy

Several references

Mashable 05/29/2012

Titled: Oops: BBC Mistakes 'Halo’ Logo For United Nations Emblem [VIDEO]
Published: 05/29/2012
Author: Alex Fitzpatrick

According to the Halo Nation wiki, the UNSC "serves as the military, exploratory, and scientific agency of the Unified Earth Government," which was formed in the twenty-second century. In that case, the BBC should've saved this story for later — quite a bit later, really.

My Paper 11/05/2012

My Paper
Titled: A new Halo newbies can enjoy
Published: 11/05/2012
Author: Kenny Chee

Halo 4’s story does come to a fairly-satisfying end, with the Chief saving mankind again. But it gets muddled midway with impenetrable technobabble that needs a Halopedia lookup.

Hartford Examiner 12/03/2012

Hartford Examiner (archived on NewsBank)
Titled: 'Halo 4' specialization codes explained
Published: 12/03/2012
Author: "Hartford Halo Examiner"

For more info on what each specialization gives you, check out either the Halo Waypoint bulletin that goes into detail of each specialization, or Halo Nation Wiki which has a more simple explanation of each set.

Halo: Oversized Collection 10/15/2013

Title: Halo: Oversized Collection
Published 10/15/2013
Quotee: Marvel

According to the online Halopedia, the armor used by the Spartans in the book is similar to the Mjolnir Mk. VI, which supposedly doesn't fit the time frame. Frank is quoted as calling it a "skunkworks prototype" produced in Korea, which sounds like a good example of the extended fiction you mentioned.

Virtually Sacred 7/13/2014

Title: Virtually Sacred: Myth and Meaning in World of Warcraft and Second Life
Published: 13 June 2014
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Robert M. Geraci
Several references

Seattle Times 7/21/2014

The Seattle Times
Titled: Style maven on Aisle 3: Ted Kennedy Watson signs at the Met Market
Published: 7/21/2014
Author: Nicole Brodeur

Customer Aaron LeMay, a graphic designer who was the lead on Halo 3 (thank you, Halopedia), is a “big fan” who thinks forged shoes will fit right in with Seattle’s hand-forged everything, from cheese to beer to the wallets we open to pay for it all.

International Business Times 2/17/2015

International Business Times
Titled: Release Date Confirmed For ‘Halo: Nightfall’ Collection
Published: 2/17/2015
Author: Nicolo Parungo

Aside from being connected to “Halo 5,” it will also have connections to the untitled “Halo” television series that is set to come out when the game gets released, according to Halopedia.

Halo Waypoint: Canon Fodder 8/7/2015

Halo Waypoint
Titled: Canon Fodder - Rhine Installation
Published: August 7, 2015
Author: Jeff Easterling

"To start out, let’s go ahead and acknowledge the 800lb Jiralhanae in the room (stated weight is colloquial, not canonical, Halopedians)."

Halo: Escalation Library Edition - May 24,2016

Halo: Escalation
Titled: ESCALATION Issues #17-#18: "The Glass Horizon"
Author: Tyler Jeffers

"TJ: I am sure there is a Halopedia article for this mysterious creature that Tanaka is bringing in for dinner, right?"

Player and Avatar - The Affective Potential of Videogames

Title: Player and Avatar - The Affective Potiential of Videogames
Published: June 19, 2017
Author: David Owen

"According to the online Halopedia the UEG is a representative democracy and politics and colonization not only conquered Earth but is also actively in the process of colonizing distant worlds...."

Halo Waypoint: Canon Fodder 12/20/2017

Halo Waypoint
Titled: Canon Fodder - Sweet Centennial
Published: December 20, 2017
Author: Jeff Easterling, CIA391

"Howdy folks, I’m CIA391, an admin from Halopedia. (But many may know me from all around the place heh) I simply love helping people learn about the Halo Universe and making resources for everyone to use.

If I had to describe Halopedia, it would be like a domain of information that never ends, and you can dig for hours and find new stuff you never even heard off in the Halo Universe before. Like have you ever heard of the best characters ever – Spock the cat, and Keiichi-047? Everyone is welcome to join Halopedia in numerous ways, from the site itself, to our twitter, to our facebook, and our Discord.

If I had to say what my favourite parts of Halo fiction was, it would have to be the obscure stuff, the stuff I have to dig to find. Like websites that once held cool lore that are long gone now and translating the Forerunner language. The latter I managed to translate the Halo 4 one by myself.

Becoming an admin for Halopedia was simply one of the best choices I ever made, opening doors like friendships with several communities and places who also love to learn about the Halo Lore."

Halo Community update: '18 and up

Halo Waypoint
Titled: Canon Fodder - Sweet Centennial
Published: January 4, 2018
Author: Jeff Easterling, Jessie Thomas

"@HalopediaWiki: Here is an interesting question. Ever use a Halo Wiki like ourselves or @HaloWiki during your research?

JESSIE: I have! We have some incredible internal resources that I rely on heavily, but Halo Wiki is a great place to get info too."

Halo Waypoint: Canon Fodder 2/27/2019

Halo Waypoint
Titled: Canon Fodder - Heir Jordan
Published: February 27, 2019
Author: Jeff Easterling

"While features like the one you are reading are certainly often helpful accompaniments to any Halo fan’s experience the finer points of story and lore, there’s another incredibly important part of the process – YOU. The community itself is a wellspring of passion and dedication, full of folks willing to help crowdsource the collection and curation of the seemingly unending supply of new info and insights. There’s perhaps no better example of that than the dedicated wiki writers who help literally catalogue thousands upon thousands of various elements found within Halo’s canon landscape."

"Recently, the fine folks over at Halopedia.org announced that they were joining forces with the equally dedicated canon-curious from the “Halo Nation” wiki, combining to make one consolidated source for community-curated canon concerns. We wish the new endeavor the best of luck and encourage interested archivists to check out their site and see how they can get involved with helping keep up with Halo’s ever-expanding universe! Plus, be sure to follow them on Twitter @Halopedia for fun features like their “Lore Thursdays" and make time to check out their brand new forums as well!"

Halo Waypoint: Canon Fodder 8/21/2019

Halo Waypoint
Titled: Canon Fodder - Gears of Lore
Published: August 21, 2019
Author: Jeff Easterling

"And no, CIA391 – this is not to be recorded on Halopedia as core canon. 😉"

PCGamer: The story of Halo 2's iconic multiplayer maps: tight deadlines, a tiny team, and a visit from Napoleon Dynamite

Titled: The story of Halo 2's iconic multiplayer maps: tight deadlines, a tiny team, and a visit from Napoleon Dynamite
Published: May 21, 2020
Author: Wes Fenlon

Image via Halopedia (Image credit: Bungie)