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This help page explains how to deal with short articles on Halopedia.

A stub is a very short article, generally no longer than a paragraph. Most stubs fail to cover all but the most trivial subjects completely. However, this does not mean the stub is not a legitimate article, it just needs to be expanded.

While most stubs are useful and have the potential to expand into better articles, sometimes they may be confusing or misleading. Depending on the situation, it may be possible to expand a stub, but if the stub fails to meet the Notability Policy, the article may be subject to deletion or being merged into another article.

The Wiki software can display links to stubs differently if the Threshold for stub display is set higher than 0. For example, 200 can be set to mark articles that are shorter than 200 characters. This makes it easier to find stubs. See Special:Preferences to set the threshold, or Help:User Preferences for help on how to set the threshold.

Stub alert![edit]

If a stub is created, please add the following code to the top: {{stub}}. This will make the article display the following text:

Misterchief.gif This article is a stub. You can help Halopedia by expanding it.

This will encourage other users to expand the article. When the article has been expanded and no longer qualifies as a stub, remove the code. Also put the following in your edit summary:

Expanded article. Help Halopedia by expanding stub articles.

This encourages other users to expand stubs.

Expanding stubs[edit]

To expand a stub, references about the topic from various media—e.g. books, magazines, or websites—can be incorporated. Visit external links, if any, within the article or use any search engine such as Google or Yahoo! to find information about the topic.

Lists of stubs[edit]

To find a stub, use the following category page: Category:Stubs

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