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The new 2021 logo of the Television Series, depicting the shield world of Requiem.

Halo: The Television Series is an upcoming live-action television series produced by Showtime[1] and planned to premiere in Paramount Plus,[2] originally set to air in 2015,[3] then 2019,[1] then 2020,[4] and is now currently planned to air in 2022.[5] When first announced in 2013, the series was stated to be available to users with the Halo Channel application for Xbox One and Windows 8.1.[6] It's planned to be distributed globally by CBS Studios International. Other streaming services planned to air the show include Stan.[1]


The series was originally set to air 10 episodes,[7] but this was later reduced to 9,[8] and is set during the Human-Covenant War.[1] John-117 will be one of the lead characters of the series.[9] Multiple planets will feature.[4]


The original announcement logo for Halo: The Television Series from 2013.

Announced in 2013, the show has been in development hell for eight years and pushed back four times with various directors, producers, and publishers changing.[10] By April of 2014, it was reported as "still in the deal-making phase as the service has been going through the growing pains of establishing a business template for original content."[11] The series was stated to have connections with Halo 5: Guardians[12] and Ridley Scott's Halo: Nightfall during this time.[13]

Originally set for release in Fall 2015,[3] at roughly the same time as Halo 5: Guardians,[12] the show was delayed.[14] At this time the developers claimed it would start filming in Fall 2018.[15] Filming is primarily being carried out in Budapest, Hungary.[16]

Originally, acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg had been confirmed as the show's executive producer.[17][18][19] Microsoft's president of entertainment and digital media, Nancy Tellem, said they will take the time necessary to produce the shows and Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer said the show will not be 'filler'.[20] According to Latino Review, Neill Blomkamp, originally slated to direct the Halo film, was apparently set to direct the series. Latino Review reports that it heard the news from "trusted sources".[21]

The series was initially pushed back to air in 2019 from its original 2015 date,[1] but was been pushed back even further to 2020.[4] Kyle Killen is the executive producer, showrunner, and writer of the series. Rupert Wyatt was announced direct multiple episodes and also serve as executive producer. During this time the writers worked with the 343 story team as to keep the show within the Halo canon.

In December 2018, Wyatt left the project[22] due to scheduling issues.[16] In February 2019, it was announced that Otto Bathurst had been chosen as the series's director and executive producer.[23] Following this announcement, the episode count was dropped from 10 to 9.[8] Bathurst will direct every episode of the first season.[16]

On April 17 2019, Pablo Schreiber was unveiled to be the actor playing John-117. Yerin Ha, was cast as Quan Ah, a new character.[24]

By December 2020, the show had two showrunners— Steven Kane was the showrunner in charge of the writing team, while Kyle Killen was the on-set showrunner.[16]

On November 11, 2020, it was announced that, due to scheduling difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, McElhone would no longer complete her work as Cortana, but will continue in her role of Halsey, and Jen Taylor, Cortana's voice actress in Halo games, will take her place.[25]

On February 24, 2021, it was announced that the series will be broadcasted and premiere in Paramount Plus (formerly CBS All Access), also announcing that the series's release will be in the first quarter of 2022 having been delayed for the fourth time.[5]



Season Episodes First airdate Last airdate
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