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Vinsher Grath

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Vinsher Grath
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Blown up by Kwan Ha[1]

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Vinsher Grath was a Unified Earth Government governor, legally appointed as the UEG delegated authority over the colony world of Madrigal.[2]


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Early in his career, Grath worked as a security analyst in the Department of Colonial Security. Records of Grath's career and life in Colonial Administration Authority databases were later expunged by order of Penma and David Angoli. At some point, Grath collaborated alongside Insurrectionist-sympathetic elements as a terrorist, though details of these activites was later downplayed by the UEG and Grath was personally instated by Terrence Hood as the colonial governor for Madrigal.[2]

During his tenure as governor, Grath was able to rapidly consolidate control over Madrigal's major population centers, though struggled to regain control in the planet's outlands. Following the Covenant attack on Madrigal, Grath oversaw the repair of the capital's spaceport complex.[3]

After the death of Jin Ha, Grath brutally executed his surviving loyalists and announced a historic deal with the UNSC.[4] With the people of Madrigal terrified of the Covenant, they accepted Grath's leadership while he placed a bounty on Kwan Ha's head and sent Violetta Franco in an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate her.[5]

Grath eventually tracked Kwan back to her father's abandoned outpost where he attacked with a large compliment of soldiers. Aided by Soren-066, Kwan fought back against Grath despite being vastly outnumbered, seeking to use the opportunity to assassinate the tyrannical governor and free Madrigal from his rule. As Grath was distracted by Soren, Kwan managed to rig the Sky Pipe to blow and recovered an MA5C assault rifle that had been abandoned by John-117 during the earlier Covenant attack. Kwan used the assault rifle to trigger a massive explosion that destroyed the outpost as Kwan and Soren raced for cover inside of a steel vault. Despite trying to reach safety as well, Grath and his men were all consumed and killed by the explosion.[1]

Production notes[edit]

Vinsher Grath was portrayed in Halo: The Television Series by actor Burn Gorman, previously known for his roles in other media such as Torchwood and The Expanse.

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