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Colonial Administration Authority
Body overview

Head of body:

Unified Earth Government

Government branches:

Societal overview

Official language(s):

English, and many others

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UN credit

Historical overview




By 2525, absorbed by the United Nations Space Command


Unified Earth Government


The Colonial Administration Authority (CAA), also known as the Colonial Administration[2] or Colonial Authority,[3] is an organization under the ultimate control of the Unified Earth Government. Formed alongside the Colonial Military Administration in 2310,[1] the CAA acted as a secondary governing body that helped the UEG regulate the various colony worlds of humanity.[4]


The CAA kept extensive files on every colony, world, and city under its care. The document containing these files was referred to as the CAA Factbook.[5] These files contained everything from topographic maps to the information on the materials the city sewer system was built from. The CAA provided this information to UNSC military forces upon request, and it could be very helpful when defending colonies from Covenant attack.[6] In addition, the CAA oversaw the Outer Colony vaccination program which held the largest DNA database of the human population.[7]

The CAA formerly housed its own intelligence agency, the Department of Colonial Security. When the CAA lost its power, the DCS was incorporated into the Office of Naval Intelligence.[8] The CAA was also responsible for the colonization of worlds, as evident by the "CAA" ship prefix on their colony ships, such as CAA Butterworth and CAA Casbah.[9]

Over the course of the Human-Covenant War, the United Nations Space Command had largely taken control of the other branches of the government. The CAA was more resistant to the takeover than the UEG proper, and thus it was stripped of most of its power. It is therefore likely that the organization no longer existed in any functional capacity by 2552,[4] though the Factbook was still being updated as late as 2550.[5] As of 2558, the CAA was active, but to what capacity is unknown.[10]


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