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"He says the sun was yellow. Then, when he was a baby, the People were taken inside. They lived inside walls and under ceilings. He says those People were brought here before I was born."

The Tudejsa, a word that meant the "People from Here" or simply "the People", were a collection of over 120 human species and subtypes who inhabited Installation 07 after being transplanted there by the Forerunners.[1] At least modern humans and Denisovans were present, though due to isolation from Erde-Tyrene humans they did not use the species names familiar to Chakas, and possessed less inter-species unity.[2] Likewise, although they revered the Librarian, they referred to her as "the Lady".[3] The Tudejsa lived across a number of environments in the Halo, such as valleys, jungles, and prairies, and had even built rudimentary cities on the installation. For the hundreds of years Installation 07 remained under the charge of the Lifeworkers, the People were largely allowed to live as they pleased; the Forerunners would not intervene in the humans' internecine wars, for example.[4]

Most of the People were transplanted on the ring hundreds of years before the final days of the Forerunner-Flood war. However, after Master Builder Faber hid Installation 07 from the Ecumene Council's supervision and took charge of all operations there around 100,043 BCE, more humans were brought in from Earth on his orders, as he intended to have the ancient memories the Earth humans carried studied in order to find more efficient ways to combat the Flood.[5] The Master Builder's takeover of the installation also led to a dramatic increase in his researchers abducting the Tudejsa for experimentation; what the humans referred to as the "Palace of Pain". Some time later, the Forerunners put a reproductive suppression mechanism into place; as a result, no more children were born to the People.[6] Due to these developments, the People became disorganized and desperate and were unwilling to cooperate with one another or maintain an organized society. Many also abandoned their cities and fled to the wilderness out of fear that the Forerunners would be more likely to abduct them in the cities.[7]

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