People's Occupation

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People's Occupation
General overview


Secessionist faction[1]


Nemesio Breit[1]

Organizational overview


United Rebel Front[1]



Historical overview


c. 2487[2]


The People's Occupation was an insurrectionist organization based on Reach that sought independence from the Unified Earth Government. One of the leading positions in the group was that of vice counselor, held by Nemesio Breit as of March 2526. The group was affiliated with the United Rebel Front.[1]

The People's Occupation is likely tied to or synonymous with the People's Occupation Government.


Having been recently established in 2487, the People's Occupation and the Secessionist Union submitted formal requests on the behalf of a dozen worlds, demanding sovereignty from the Unified Earth Government. The UEG denied both groups' requests, leading to rising tensions and increased violence among the Outer Colonies.[2]

On March 12, 2526, Vice Counselor Nemesio Breit of the People's Occupation met with leaders of various rebel cells in the Grenadi sector to discuss the emerging Covenant threat. Briet argued that the insurgents should allow the Covenant to cripple the Unified Earth Government, even offering the Covenant coordinates to Earth as a peace offering.[1] Before the discovery of Covenant forces on Reach in August 2552, the Office of Naval Intelligence suspected the ultra-radical wing of the organization was responsible for the communications blackout at Visegrád Relay, and asked Vice Admiral Michael Stanforth to return to Reach to deal with the problem.[3]

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