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United Nations
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The United Nations General Assembly hall.[1]
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International diplomatic and military organization

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New York City, Earth (historic)[2]

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2170: becomes part of the Unified Earth Government[4]


The United Nations (UN) is an international Earth-based organization,[2] and the predecessor of the United Nations Space Command and the Unified Earth Government.[4] By the 26th century, the UN has been absorbed into a branch of the UEG and has become a largely vestigial entity, acting as a local administrative body among the national governments of Earth.[5] Following the colonization of the Solar system and despite cultural elements, the citizens of Earth were the citizens of the United Nations.[6]


Early history[edit]

The United Nations was founded in 1945.[3]

In 2075, the United Nations created the Unified Earth Government, then as an international think tank tasked with solving the challenges of interplanetary expansion and governmental unification.[7] By 2080, human colonization of the Solar System was fully underway.[8]

Interplanetary era[edit]

In the early years of humanity's interplanetary colonization, it was mainly commercial interests that propelled outward expansion into the Sol System, the colonization programs initiated by Earth's national governments themselves being far less ambitious and efficient. Free of the restrictions of international law, many corporations operating in the colonies—particularly those on Mars—conducted extensive research and development into bio- and nanotechnologies. These efforts yielded many new technological advancements.[9]

In 2158, members of the Friedens attacked an embassy on Europa resulting in the group being labelled as terrorists by the United Nations.[10]

Jovian Moons Campaign[edit]

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In March of 2160, the Frieden's led an assault against UN authority, attacking UN Colonial Advisors on the moon Io and giving rise to political reactions on Earth. International UN military forces deployed to the Jovian system, engaging the fascist rebellion in three months of battle.[11]

The Jovian Moons Campaign heated tensions within faltering national governments of Earth, paving the way for wars-by-proxy between military corporations, national armies, and political renegades as governments that sponsored colonies in the Solar System responded to Frieden-UN ballistic exchanges and initiated military campaigns of their own, either for their own benefit, or for the benefit or their respective colonies. In a vicious chain reaction, politics on Earth took a downturn to arms mobilization.[11]

Rainforest Wars[edit]

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Following a relatively blurry outcome in the Jovian Moons, Koslovic, Frieden and UN forces prepared for an engagement in South America in the year 2162, one of the most fertile and economically-promising regions of Earth. Presumably in an attempt to gain some material goods from industries in South America, the two military juntas assaulted each other and the UN troops scrambling to defend home territory, culminating in what is now symbolically known as the Rainforest Wars.[11]

The conflict in South America resulted in an enormous amount of human casualties, especially in the lines of infantry on all three sides, due to difficult fighting conditions among the continent's numerous mountain ranges, rainforests, wildlife and volatile weather. Real consequences of the conflict, however, consisted of severe starvation and famine on an international scale - which is reason to believe the UN was no longer acting solely as a military defense force in the face of political extremists, but also as a primary provider of starvation relief - along with a further tensing of military conflicts already raging through the Solar System.[11]

Formation of the UNSC[edit]

One year later, the UN commissioned a military force primarily made up of naval and marine forces, referred to as the United Nations Space Command (UNSC).[12] With an approach echoing the policies of the United States in the early 21st century, the United Nations took charge of Earth's national governments as well as their disparate military forces.[9]

Interplanetary War[edit]

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By 2164, UN-backed militaries began a pattern of massive buildups leading into the Interplanetary War.[13][11] The UN enacted the Genetic Rights Act in 2165 in order to ensure the fulfillment of basic human rights in humanity's expanding domain. This piece of legislation would later serve as the basis for the latter Mortal Dictata Act.[14]

Following the war in 2170, the United Nations formally established the Unified Earth Government (UEG) as humanity's combined governing entity from then on while the UNSC became a preeminent military body for Earth's "empire".[15] The UNSC from this point forward began working in direct conjunction with[12] and to enforce the directives of the UEG.[16]

The 26th-century[edit]

By the 26th century, the UN had become greatly diminished from its height in the mid-22nd century. Its function was relegated to overseeing administrative tasks on Earth, essentially a role similar to that for which it was originally created, with supreme power over the human race at large at the hands of the UEG.[5] After the beginning of the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC gained ultimate control of the UEG and its branches, including the UN, as humanity's emergency military government.[4] The UNSC returned power back to the civilian government on January 8, 2553.[17]

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Originally commissioned for the UN, the United Nations Space Command was primarily a naval and marine based organization.[12]

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