Colonial Authority

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The seal of the Colonial Administration Authority, the primary governing arm of the Colonial Authority.

The Colonial Authority is a semi-official term for the overall governing body for the colony worlds of humanity. The Colonial Authority is not strictly one organisation, but rather an all-encompassing term to refer to two organisations formed in 2310; the Colonial Administration Authority and Colonial Administration Authority. Overall, the Colonial Authority's presence in the colonies was mediated through various agencies under its wing.[1]

Together, the Colonial Authority governed the vast majority of human space outside of Sol system throughout the Domus Diaspora and enforced the legal mandates of the Unified Earth Government, though throughout the 25th century corruption and dissident leanings in the CMA saw the overall role of the Colonial Authority reduced in scope. The CAA became heavily overseen by the UEG directly and the CMA's forces were ultimately all but entirely absorbed into the United Nations Space Command.[1]

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