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When editing talk pages and forum posts, you should sign your edits so the author of a particular comment can be quickly identified. To sign your edit just put ~~~~ after your post. When the page is saved, Halopedia will convert the ~~~~ to your username and the time and date you posted.

You should not sign your edits on articles as article content represents the contributions of many users.

Customizing your signature

If you want you can customize your signature by editing your preferences. Visit Special:Preferences, and on the "User Profile" tab enter your custom signature in the "Signature" field. Make sure to check "Raw Signatures." Below is an example of a custom signature:

[[User:YOUR USERNAME|<span style="color:blue">USERNAME</span>]] [[File:IMAGE YOU WANT|14px]] ([[User talk:YOUR USERNAME|<span style="color:blue">"TALK PAGE" OR "COMM" OR SOMETHING ELSE</span>]])

Signature policy

Be sure to check the signature policy page before customizing your own signature, so you don't create a disrupting signature which may damage surrounding text formatting.

Who can help me to customize my signature?