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Trivia is a piece of interesting information that is factual about an article.


What this help page is not

  • This guideline does not suggest removing trivia sections, or moving them to the talk page. If information is otherwise suitable, it is better that it be poorly presented than not presented at all.
  • This guideline does not suggest always avoiding lists in favor of prose. Some information is better presented in list format.
  • This guideline does not suggest the inclusion or exclusion of any information; it only gives style recommendations.

What is and isn't appropriate

Appropriate testcase Reasoning Inappropriate testcase Reasoning
Port Stanley is the capital of the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic, as well as a village in southern Ontario, Canada. This piece of trivia goes into the real life usage of a name of an article if the article isnt named 1 to 1 with the subject. "X looks like Y from Z" This is trivia based around a character's appearance to one from another game. A common example is "Master Chief looks like Samus from Metriod"/
X-character was featured in Y-website's "list of most so-and-so in gaming". These trivia points refer to websites that describe who they think are the best/worst game characters based on their own opinions. The only exceptions are lists that do not show opinion, such as Cracked.com's "easter eggs that took years to find" article.
It is a media/thing/person/location. We can decipher this even by skim-reading the page for a few seconds
It is rumored that Master Chief will appear in the next Super Smash Smash update Halopedia does not deal in rumors.