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Links can be used on Halopedia to, as their name suggests, link to other pages. There are both external (outside of wiki) and internal (inside wiki) links.

Using links

Internal links

To create an internal link, you simply put the name of the page inside of two pairs of brackets. For example, to link to the article about the Plasma Pistol, you do the following: [[Plasma Pistol]], and you get: Plasma Pistol.

Interwiki links

Interwiki links link from one wiki to another. For instance, to link to the Mario Wiki article on the Wii from Halopedia, you do: [[mariowiki:Wii]], and you get: mariowiki:Wii. To link to another wiki instead of the Mario Wiki, simply replace "mariowiki" with another interwiki code from this list.

External links

To make an external link, you copy the address of the web page you want to make a link to, and put it inside one pair of brackets. Example: [https://www.google.com] makes [1], which sends you to Google.

If you want to make a link to a page on Wikipedia, you do [[wikipedia:Halo 3]]. This will appear as wikipedia:Halo 3.

Customizing links

As you may have noticed, regular links look rather bland and unattractive. But it doesn't have to be that way. To learn more, read on. NOTE: a certain amount of HTML knowledge may be necessary to garner the desired results.

Internal links

To change the appearance of an internal link, just put a pipe (|) after the link, and then use HTML or wiki formatting to alter to your preference. Example:
Before: [[Main Page]] -- Main Page
After: [[Main Page|Our homepage]] -- Our homepage

Interwiki links

To customize inter-wiki links, use the same process as the one for internal links; putting a pipe after the link, and then how you want the link to appear afterwards.

External links

For external links, no divider is necessary, simply a space after the link, and then the desired HTML, etc.