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This help page includes images, but is mainly created to help with the audio and video feature.

Halopedia has the ability to upload Ogg Vorbis files (with the extension of .ogg) for audio and video purposes, in addition to the normal image function.

Wikipedia, and therefore all MediaWiki-software wikis, allow only this type of format because it is patent-free (meaning no copyright issues). Theora is the video form of the OGG file.


In the navigation on the left-hand side, under toolbox, the second line states "Upload file", which links to Special:Upload. Once there you can browse for your image (no multiple uploads), change the file name if necessary, and type a description of the image. Simply click "Upload" to add the picture to the database, which you can add to any page by the following:


The code for this image is...

Enhancements include:

  • Alignment. [[File:Filename.ext|left]], [[File:Filename.ext|center]], [[File:Filename.ext|right]].
  • Thumbnails. [[File:Filename.ext|thumb|##px]]
  • Specify height of image, with the width proportioning with the new size. [[File:Filename.ext|##px]]
  • Frame the image. Thumb automatically does this. [[File:Filename.ext|frame]]
    • Provide a description. [[File:Filename.ext|frame|This is an example.]]

The code for the image is [[File:Example.jpg|thumb|100px|The code for this image is...]].

The description always comes last. Resizing the image always comes first. Extensions (.ext) must be .jpg, .png, .gif, or .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics).

Audio & video

Uploading audio and video is the same as images, except the extension must be .ogg, not .mp3, .avi, .wmv, etc. There are some shareware converters, but be warned, free use is only for two weeks and it will cost about $15-$30 to permanently be able to convert full-time.

Linking to these files still uses the File tag: [[File:Audioorvideo.ogg]].


OGG isn't a file you will see for immediate download on most sites, if any. You'll need a converter to change your files to this patent-free format so the wiki software can accept it:

For free

The absolute best free converter is SUPER © (download page | direct .exe download {size: 25 MB}).. Super © gets the job done: It converts back-and-forth through a many different number of video & audio codecs, and even supports OGG Theora (.ogg video files). It isn't the fastest of converters, but is highly suggested for those who don't have credit cards just yet. :D

At a cost

We suggest 4Musics.com for a premium converter. Their multiformat converter, which can convert WMV, WAV, MP3 and OGG back and forth as well as CDA (ripped CDs), costs $29 after a two-week trial. The one-way converters for just two formats are $17 if you're on a tight budget, but the extra $12 should be worth it. Upon entering the site, look on the right-hand column for download & paying links.

Note: No one is trying to influence you to buy anything, or ever will. This is merely a suggestion for the best converter...at a cost.

External help

Since the functions are an exact copy of Wikipedia's functions, please see Wikipedia's Media Help page for more information. It will tell you how to be able to play .ogg files for audio or video for Windows Media Player, Real Player, Quicktime, Winamp, iTunes, and more.