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Halo Wars: Official Strategy Guide

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Halo Wars: Official Strategy Guide
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Prima Games


Prima Publishing

Publication date:

March 3, 2009


208 pages




The Halo Wars Official Guide is the official guide of Halo Wars. It was released alongside the game on February 27 in Europe and March 3 in North America, published by Prima Publishing.

Book Contents[edit]

  • Full-color maps of all the Campaign and Multiplayer locations.
  • Tactics for the Campaign mode, including battle-tested plans for Cooperative play, and for Legendary difficulty setting.
  • Shows methods to build your base in the quickest and best ways.
  • Every single UNSC and Covenant troop, unit, vehicle, and aircraft are showcased, along with any information about it such as upgrades, weaknesses, and advice on using them to tactical advantage.
  • Every hidden Skull and Black Box is located and tested, including a complete Halo timeline.
  • Exclusive Halo art pages.[1]
  • Exclusive detailed biographies of the six leader characters and AI Serina.

Short stories[edit]

The Strategy Guide features seven flash fiction short stories depicting the Spirit of Fire crew, as well as a number of dialogues between the Prophet of Regret and Ripa 'Moramee.


  • The tech level required for the Scorpion's 'Canister Shell' ability is 3, not 4 as the book states.
  • In the description of the Boomstick Skull, the Look Daddy Skull icon is displayed.
  • The skull section says that all skulls raise your score, while some lower it.
  • The Shua'ee-pattern Locust is described as being unable to attack air units.
  • The book implies that General is a navy rank while it is not.
  • The Rhino is said to only appear on Dome of Light when it also appears in Scarab.
  • In Escape, it states you fight Covenant, Flood and UNSC, however, you actually fight Covenant, Sentinels and Flood.