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There is more information available on this subject at Risk on the English Wikipedia.

Risk is a strategic board game produced by Hasbro. The objective of the game is "world domination," or "to occupy every territory on the board and in so doing, eliminate all other players." Players control armies with which they attempt to capture territories from other players, with results determined by dice rolls.


Halo Wars[edit]

RISK: Halo Wars is a Halo-themed version of Risk.[1] It features three playable factions - the UNSC, the Covenant and the Flood - with 250 game pieces, and allows players to capture 42 territories in six sectors, battling for supremacy of Arcadia. The pieces include Marines, Scorpion tanks, SPARTAN-IIs and UNSC firebases. The Covenant's pieces are Grunts, Wraiths, and Arbiters, along with Covenant command bases. Flood pieces are Infection forms, Carrier forms, Juggernauts, and Proto-graveminds.

Halo: Legendary[edit]

RISK: Halo: Legendary is the second Halo-themed version of Risk.[2]


  • In the instruction booklet, a Marine game piece is shown as having an assault rifle. The actual game piece, however, lacks any weapons.
  • The Flood 'hero unit', called a Juggernaut, is strikingly similar to the Flood Thrasher Form.



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