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Halo: Flashpoint
Logo for Halo: Flashpoint.
Cover art for Halo: Flashpoint.


Mantic Games


Microsoft Game Studios

Release date(s):

Fall 2024[1]


Tabletop wargaming


Halo: Flashpoint is an upcoming tabletop strategy game produced by Mantic Games in conjunction with 343 Industries and Microsoft. The game is set for release in Fall 2024.[1] Unlike the previous Fleet Battles and Ground Command miniatures games, Flashpoint is focused on Spartan and Elite battles similar in nature to Halo multiplayer.[2][3]

Official summmary[edit]

"The year is 2560.

Humanity was forced to the brink of extinction by the alien alliance known as the Covenant, and even in victory many of our worlds were glassed and left in ruins.

From the ashes of the Covenant War a new generation of super-soldiers has been trained in War Games simulations, pitting Spartan Fireteams against an almost infinite combination of potential threats – including other Spartans.[4]


A photo of several Flashpoint minis in a battle.
A battle in-progress in Flashpoint.

Flashpoint is a skirmish-scale wargame with a focus on small teams and fast, easy to pick-up-and-play gameplay.[3] The game is played on a 61x61cm (2x2ft) board designed to fit on most tables, with a high degree of emphasis on verticality. The terrain is constructed based on a cube grid, meaning that unlike other tabletop wargames, no tape measures are required to play. However, positioning is still a vital component of the game; height and cover play important roles in determining dice rolls and damage output.[5] Terrain is present in the form of pre-printed cardboard punch-out structures including things like barricades, shipping crates, and towers, to allow for a 3D playing field.[3] In the expanded Spartan Edition of the game, the arena board and terrain pieces can be flipped to theme the map around either a UNSC hangar facility or an outdoor training yard.[5][6]

Gameplay involves the use of D8 dice alongside some custom D6s.[3] When attacking or defennding, the player rolls 3 D8s for the relevant stat, with additional die added depending on other factors such as if the attacker has high ground or if the defender is in cover. Each character has an individual stats card that list a Spartan's two weapons, a pickup slot, energy shielding value, and other specific stats/perks. Like in Halo FPS multiplayer, power weapons can be picked up on the map and equipped for a massive advantage.[5] As per Halo multiplayer, upon death, a given character can be respawned back onto the field at one of a number of respawn points - albeit with reduced abilities.[3]

The game consists of preassembled plastic miniatures that can be manually painted, although the Spartan Edition box includes two teams in red and blue plastic by default to allow for easy play. Each miniature consists of a SPARTAN-IV clad in one of the various multiplayer armours available for use in Halo Infinite, each equipped with one of the weapons useable in Halo Infinite and given a dedicated stats card.[3] In addition, Elites of the Banished will be added to the game at a later date.[5]

Game modes available in Halo: Flashpoint include takes on a number of classic scenarios from Halo FPS multiplayer including Slayer, Oddball, Capture the Flag, Strongholds, and Stockpile.[6]


Flashpoint was first teased at the start of 2024 in a cryptic announcement,[2] followed by a full title reveal in March of that year.[1] The game was later debuted at GAMA Expo with some prototype units showing off early box art and miniatures,[3] with a full reveal in Adepticon at the end of March. The Adepticon reveal coincided with a dedicated website launch for Flashpoint on March 22, 2024.[1]



Technology and equipment


At launch, Halo: Flashpoint will have two editions: Recon Edition and Spartan Edition.[3] Recon Edition is intended for players who may be new to tabletop wargaming, and comes with all of the basics needed to play a game of Halo: Flashpoint including 8 Spartan models (4 red, 4 blue), 10 weapon tokens, and a full suite of terrain and gameplay tokens.[7] The Spartan Edition is intended for more seasoned wargamers and Halo fans, consisting of 16 Spartan models (8 red, 8 blue), 4 Elite models, more terrain, more weapon cards, and more deluxe content.[5][8]

The first batch of pre-orders for the game come bundled with a free miniature of John-117 in his GEN3 Mark VI armour from Halo Infinite. This model can also be purchased separately in an individual painting pack. Pre-orders are set to begin shipping in September 2024.[6][9]

Recon Edition[7] Spartan Edition[8]
Contents of the Halo: Flashpoint Recon Edition box.
Contents for the Halo: Flashpoint Spartan Edition box.
Alternate contents for the Halo: Flashpoint Spartan Edition box.
  • 8x Spartan models (4 red, 4 blue)
  • Rulebook
  • Play mat
  • Pre-coloured card terrain and tokens
  • 8x player/model cards
  • 2x reference cards
  • 12x D8 dice
  • 6x command dice
  • 16x Spartan models (8 red, 8 blue)
  • 4x Banished Elite models
  • Rulebook
  • Play mat
  • Pre-coloured card terrain and tokens
  • Deluxe 2-sided play board
  • 20x weapon cards
  • Extra terrain and tokens
  • 3x reference cards
  • 12x D8 dice
  • 8x command dice
  • Plastic 3D arena accessories



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