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The "Vidmaster" set of achievements found in Halo 3.

An Achievement is a reward given to players when they accomplish certain gaming feats decided by the developer in videogames published for Games for Windows Live, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles, and on Valve's Steam platform. Since the launch of the Xbox 360, it has been a mandatory requirement by Microsoft that all videogames published on the console (including 360 versions of multiplatform games) feature Achievements.

Most Microsoft Achievements also award the player Gamerscore that count towards a gamer's total Gamerscore. These points, while not redeemable, are intended to serve as a tangible form of special rewards for unusual or skilled actions within game play.[1] Most games contain 30-50 Achievements and a total of 1000 Gamerscore, though these numbers can be increased through the release of DLC packs.

On the Xbox 360, Windows and Steam platforms, achievements take the appearance of icons or badges, not unlike the medals which can be found in the Halo games. In contrast to the original small, square achievement icons, Xbox One achievements are represented by large 16x9 images. Rather than icons, these images are often screenshots, concept art, or other related imagery. These images may or may not include additional text, such as the name of the title or a developer logo.

Halo 2 Vista Achievements[edit]

Main article: List of Achievements for Halo 2 Vista

The PC version of Halo 2 was the first Halo game to contain Achievements. Since Halo 2 was released on the original Xbox, the Achievement system had not yet been invented. However, Achievements were added to the release of Halo 2 as a game for Windows. There are 41 achievements.

H2V Game Logo.jpg
Achievements in Halo 2 (Windows Vista)
Campaign Cairo StationOutskirtsMetropolisThe ArbiterOracleDelta HaloRegretSacred IconQuarantine ZoneGravemindUprisingHigh CharityThe Great JourneyWarriorHeroLegendKing of the ScarabSilent But DeadlyDemonGo Ape Shiv
Multiplayer Air Traffic ControlAssassinBonecrackerCarjackingCounterpointDecorated SoldierDouble KillFlaming NinjaHired GunKilling SpreeKilltacularNinjaRainmanRunning RiotRoadkillSkewer StopperSniper KillStick ItTriple KillVigilanteViolent Cartographer

Halo 3 Achievements[edit]

Main article: List of Achievements for Halo 3

In Halo 3, there are currently 79 Achievements to unlock, worth a total of 1,750 Gamerscore. Halo 3 was originally released with 49 Achievements, worth the standard 1,000 Gamerscore, but an additional 30 were added dealing with new downloadable content, four of which were part of the Road to Recon challenge. The completion of these achievements, called the Vidmasters, plus the last three in Halo 3: ODST would unlock the Recon armor for player models in multiplayer. Various achievements unlock armor permutations.

H3 Game Logo.jpeg
Achievements in Halo 3
Campaign LandfallHoldoutThe RoadAssaultCleansingRefugeLast StandThe KeyReturnCampaign Complete: NormalCampaign Complete: HeroicCampaign Complete: LegendaryMarathon Man
Meta-game GuerillaDemonCavalierAskarExterminatorRangerVanguardOrpheusReclaimer
Campaign Skulls IronBlack EyeTough LuckCatchFogFamineThunderstormTiltMythic
Mythic Map Skulls Assembly SkullCitadel SkullHeretic SkullLongshore SkullOrbital SkullSandbox Skull
Multiplayer GraduateUNSC SpartanSpartan OfficerTwo for OneToo Close to the SunTriple KillOverkillLee R. Wilson MemorialWe're in for Some ChopKilling FrenzySteppin' RazorMongoose MowdownUp Close and PersonalFear the Pink MistHeadshot HonchoUsed Car SalesmanMVPMaybe Next Time Buddy
Legendary Maps Multiplayer Look Both WaysRoad RageFlag DroppedDefend ThisCame... From... BehindAlas, Poor YorickDouble Double
Mythic Maps Multiplayer Hammer TimeBlades of FuryGhost PatrolPost Mortem... Get the HornsAwww, Too BadKilltacularHave Fun RespawningSave This FilmDelicious BrainsZombie RepellerTank DropperPull!
Vidmaster Challenges Vidmaster Challenge: LightswitchVidmaster Challenge: AnnualVidmaster Challenge: 7 on 7Vidmaster Challenge: Brainpan

Halo Wars Achievements[edit]

Main article: List of Achievements for Halo Wars

58 Achievements appear in Halo Wars, worth 1200 Gamerscore in total.[2] All of these Achievements are listed below.

HW Game Logo.jpg
Achievements in Halo Wars
Campaign Adjudicate The ArbiterDetour The Great JourneyMomma's BoyCrushed ColorsMr. PunctualOwn Worst EnemyWall Of RecognitionEpic Grinder
Campaign Level Medals Everything's Better With BaconEndless FunCovenant "Hot Drop"The Real WinnerHe's Got The JackRhino HuggerMicro ManagerRamblin' ManSweet NaptimeThe ProcrastinatorBattened Down The HatchesHandy With ToolsBeaming With PrideDidn't Get To Second BaseThinkin' About My Doorbell
Co-Op Campaign BackscratcherOMG BFF FTW
Skirmish Playin' The FieldGallivant Around The GalaxyEmpire BuilderTitanBig Al's ScooterMy Virtual Friends Love Me2 Bugs Are Better Than 1Penny Pincher
Multiplayer N00b N0 M0r3So Lonely At The TopBasically NaiveOfficer On DeckRunning The Show
Strategic Options DLC Achievements One and DonePull Hard, Pull DeepFreak on a StreakLiving Loving Bug
Historic Battle Map Pack Tour Coming ThroughNever Leave a Man BehindDrain CleanerKilljoy
Other Walk-Off WinnerAlas, Poor Andrew ThomasGraverobberHalo AcademicHalo HistorianReady For The Sequel24 Hours Of Quality
Secret Achievements Meet Sergeant ForgeIce WarriorsKey To PirthUgly Is Only Skin DeepNo Way Home?

Halo 3: ODST Achievements[edit]

Main article: List of Achievements for Halo 3: ODST

All Achievements in Halo 3: ODST are listed below. Unlike the Achievements from Halo 3, the actions required by several Achievements in ODST must be completed on specific levels in order to count. For example, the I Like Fire Achievement can only be unlocked on the Data Hive level. There are three Vidmaster challenges to complete in this game, and if these three achievements and the remaining four in Halo 3 are completed, the Recon armor is unlocked for player models in multiplayer.

H3 ODST Logo.jpeg
Achievements in Halo 3: ODST
Campaign Tayari PlazaUplift ReserveKizingo BoulevardONI Alpha SiteNMPD HQKikowani StationData HiveCoastal HighwayCampaign Complete: NormalCampaign Complete: HeroicCampaign Complete: LegendaryListenerTuned InAll EarsAudiophileTouristHeal UpJunior DetectiveGumshoeSuper SleuthWraith KillerBoth TubesLaser BlasterDome InspectorI Like FireNaughty NaughtyGood SamaritanHeadcaseTrading DownDark TimesMy Clothes!Boom, HeadshotPink and DeadlyEwww, StickyStunning!
Firefight Be Like MartyFirefight: Last ExitFirefight: Chasm TenFirefight: WindwardFirefight: Lost PlatoonFirefight: CraterFirefight: Rally PointFirefight: Alpha SiteFirefight: Security Zone
Vidmaster Challenges Vidmaster Challenge: ClassicVidmaster Challenge: Deja VuVidmaster Challenge: Endure

Halo Waypoint[edit]

It is worth noting that Halo Waypoint has no achievements in and of itself. This is likely due to the fact that because Waypoint contains no original gameplay, any Achievements granted by it would just be rewarding players again for accomplishments they had already completed. Waypoint instead has Avatar Awards, achievable and viewable simply by accessing Waypoint after carrying out certain tasks in the various Halo games.

Halo: Reach Achievements[edit]

Main article: List of Achievements for Halo: Reach

In Halo: Reach, there are 69 achievements worth 1700 Gamerscore in total. Like Halo 3, there were originally 49 achievements and 1000 Gamerscore before the release of the Noble Map Pack and Defiant Map Pack, which added 10 achievements and 400 Gamerscore to the list. An additional three achievements were released for the Defiant Map Pack alongside the release of the Anniversary Map Pack which also included another seven achievements, for a final 300 gamerscore. Achievements in Halo: Reach also earn the player credits in the game.[3]

HR Game Logo.jpeg
Achievements in Halo: Reach
Campaign The Soldier We Needed You To BeFolks Need Heroes...Gods Must Be StrongA Monument to All Your SinsWe're Just Getting StartedProtocol Dictates ActionI Need a WeaponTo WarYou Flew Pretty GoodInto the Howling DarkDust and EchoesThis is Not Your Grave…Send Me Out... with a BangThey've Always Been FasterTwo Corpses in One GraveYour Heresy Will Stay Your FeetBanshees, Fast and LowIf They Came to Hear Me Beg‎Wake Up, ButtercupTank Beats EverythingLucky Me‎KEEP IT CLEANI Didn't Train to Be a Pilot
Firefight Crowd ControlKnife to a GunfightScore AttackFirestarterBlaze of GloryHeat in the PipeGame, Set, Match
Multiplayer Be My Wingman, AnytimeSkunked!What's a Killing Spree?Yes, Sensei
Noble Maps Multiplayer Both BarrelsCross-Mappin'Offensive DriverPoppin' & Lockin'Totally Worth ItYou Ate All the ChipsYou Blew It Up!
Defiant Maps Multiplayer Candy from a BabyCrackin' SkullsReturn to SenderAll AloneDon't Touch That!Paper Beats Rock
Anniversary Maps Multiplayer Top ShotEmergency RoomStick it to the Man!Dive BomberLicense to KillBounty HunterFrom Hell's Heart
Training Doctor, DoctorThat's a KnifeI See You Favor a .45An Elegant Weapon…Swap MeetA Spoonful of Blamite
Player Experience Make It RainA New ChallengerThe Start of SomethingAn Honor ServingA Storage SolutionMake it DrizzleCool File, BroLemme Upgrade YaOne Down, 51 to Go

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Achievements[edit]

Main article: List of Achievements for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

In Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, there are 44 achievements worth 1000 Gamerscore in total.

Halo CE Anniversary Logo Huge.png
Achievements in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Campaign Pillar of AutumnHaloTruth and ReconciliationThe Silent CartographerAssault on the Control Room343 Guilty SparkThe LibraryTwo BetrayalsKeyesThe MawBirth of a SpartanBelieve in a HeroLiving LegendStandard Operating BrocedureBrovershieldBro Hammer
Level-specific He's Unstoppable!Overshields are for SissiesWalk it OffNo-Fly ZoneHow PedestrianAll According to Plan...Close Quarters CombatBeachheadGrenadierWraith HunterI'll Be Taking That!This One's for Jenkins!Breaking QuarantineThat Just HappenedSpeed ReaderLook Out for the Little GuysLeave It Where It LayTying Up Loose EndsPopcorn.gifThis Side UpNever Tell Me the Odds
Terminals What have we here?Heavy ReadingDear Diary...
Campaign Skulls Looks like the OddballSkulls Taken!HeadhunterTsantsa

Halo 4 Achievements[edit]

Main article: List of Achievements for Halo 4

In Halo 4, there are 86 achievements worth 2000 Gamerscore in total. Like Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, there were originally 49 achievements and 1000 Gamerscore before the release of the Crimson Map Pack, which added 8 achievements and 250 Gamerscore to the list. 19 additional achievements and 500 Gamerscore were released along the Majestic Map Pack and Castle Map Pack. The Champions Bundle included 10 achievements and 250 Gamerscore, giving Halo 4 both the greatest number of achievements and highest Gamerscore of any Halo title.

H4 Game Logo.jpg
Achievements in Halo 4
Campaign DawnRequiemForerunnerInfinityReclaimerShutdownComposerMidnightWake Up, JohnI Need a HeroThe Legend of 117Lone Wolf LegendSkullduggeryBropocalypseBromageddon
Level-specific Digging up the PastMidnight LaunchThis is my Rifle, this is my GunBros to the CloseMortardomExplore the FloorGive Him the StickChief, Smash!
Terminals Contact the DomainTerminus
Spartan Ops Operation CompletionA Legendary EpisodeDedicated to CrimsonCrimson AloneRoses vs VioletsNo One Left BehindKnight in White AssassinationWhat Power Outage?No Easy Way Out
Rank Not Some Recruit AnymoreMovin' on Up
Multiplayer I <3 Red vs BlueHanging on the Combat DeckThe ChallengedThe ChallengerArmorerBadgePWNDWhat a Poser!The CartographerGame ChangerSnapshot!The DirectorSharing is Caring
Crimson Maps Multiplayer Now They Fly?Size Is EverythingODSTBigfootDavid and GoliathClay PigeonSpecial DeliveryPump Yer Brakes
Majestic Maps Multiplayer Callin' in the Big GunsI Thrust at TheeDidn't See It Comin'Bird of PreyBullet SpongeI See You!Clever GirlFlash of LightLast Man GrinningPigs Can Fly
Castle Maps Multiplayer What is Yours is Also MineDodge This!Hello Nurse!That Won't Save YouAshes to AshesBeating Up the BeatSight SeeingScrapyardOutta My Way!
Bullseye Maps Multiplayer Protect This HouseHat TrickFrom DowntownRepeat SurvivorCan't Catch MeJust a ScratchPitchin' a TentOne Man ArmyShockingGot it!

Halo: Spartan Assault Achievements[edit]

Main article: List of Achievements for Halo: Spartan Assault

In Halo: Spartan Assault, there are 20 achievements worth 200 Gamerscore for Windows Phone and Windows 8, 28 achievements and 400 Gamerscore for Xbox 360, and 30 achievements and 1000 Gamerscore for Xbox One.

Halo Spartan Assault logo.jpg
Achievements in Halo: Spartan Assault
Campaign OverrunSwitched OnSwitched OffEvacuatedTerminated
Level-specific Escort ServiceNowhere to HideNever Knew What Hit ThemBrute ForceFoot Soldier
Stars RecruitProdigy117Distinguished Service
Challenges Weapon of ChoicePowered by MJOLNIRSkull ComboVidmaster ChallengeExtra CreditPension Plan
Title Update ArcheologySilvertipTour of DutyVidmaster Challenge 2.0A for Effort
Xbox 360 and Xbox One Dynamic DuoExterminationFloodedOverachieverThe Company of Strangers
Xbox One Exclusive The Enemy of my FriendImmune

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Achievements[edit]

Main article: List of Achievements for Halo: The Master Chief Collection

In Halo: The Master Chief Collection, there is a total of 700 achievements worth 7000 Gamerscore, more than any previous Halo game.[4][5] For the full list, click the link above.

Halo: Spartan Strike Achievements[edit]

Main article: List of Achievements for Halo: Spartan Strike

In Halo: Spartan Strike, there is a total of 20 achievements worth 200 Gamerscore.[6]

Halo Spartan Strike logo.png
Achievements in Halo: Spartan Strike
Campaign Welcome to New MombasaHoming InReady for DepartureHome Sweet HomeNo Loose Ends
Level-specific I Am Your ShieldNot a ScratchNight KnightBeam DanceMine Sweeper
Stars ExperiencedBattle Hardened
Challenges Big SpenderGEN2Thorough
Vidmaster Challenges Vidmaster Challenge AVidmaster Challenge BVidmaster Challenge CVidmaster Challenge DVidmaster Challenge E

Halo 5: Guardians Achievements[edit]

Main article: List of Achievements for Halo 5: Guardians

In Halo 5: Guardians, there is a total of 73 achievements worth 1250 Gamerscore.[7]

Achievements in Halo 5: Guardians
Campaign Into the FireArgent MoonGlasslandsRoots of the EarthStolen GauntletEscapeTogether AgainSwordsOld BonesBreakthroughStormboundCivil WarReclamationA New DawnSentinelsLegacyHeroes RiseForging a LegendLone WolfMy RulesConspiracy TheoryHunt the TruthGravediggerGravelord
Co-op One for AllAll for OneOn My MarkMaverickPreying Mantis
Level-specific Your Team is Your WeaponEnemy of my EnemyI Thought I'd Lost YouGoing the DistanceShoot from the HipWaiting on YouSaviorFire DrillTake a HikeNo WitnessesNo Knock RaidKraken Lackin'Emergency Boarding ProceduresDeath from AboveWorms Don't SurfTank Still Beats EverythingRolling ThunderHarbingerPrison BreakIcy CoolDouble Stuff
Multiplayer Cry HavocTop of the Food ChainWarlordCastle CrasherOff to the RacesFlag MongerSpartan DecimationValor RecognizedYour StyleRaise Your BannerMake Your MarkGamemasterBenchwarmerDrop A QuarterUp For A ChallengeParty HeartyThe HareThe TortoiseNot Your First RodeoTour of DutyDangerous Game
Requisition Bringing in the Big GunsGo for the Gold

Halo 5: Forge Achievements[edit]

Main article: List of Achievements for Halo 5: Forge

In Halo 5: Forge, there are a total of 22 achievements worth 1000 Gamerscore.

Achievements in Halo 5: Forge
Home Court AdvantageWhat's Yours is MineTest RunFresh PaintSetting the StageClimate ControlFriendly ForgingCommunitySquad GoalsElitistPalette of BeautyIT'S ALIVE!Rush HourMovie MagicCappedMonitor BootcampNice Work Dawg!CartographerPlaytestHalo TrinityHats OffRunning Riot

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition[edit]

Main article: List of Achievements for Halo Wars: Definitive Edition

In Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, there are a total of 75 achievements worth 1500 Gamerscore.

Achievements in Halo Wars: Definitive Edition
Campaign Meet Sergeant ForgeBuild for SuccessSmash and GrabHigh Class EscortPatience IS a VirtueGreat Form!Dancing with the Beam QueenSaving the ParadeStaving Off the InfectionEvacuation of the FittestMost Valuable Deck HandShe's my Fixer UpperA Means to an EndSigned, Sealed, DeliveredForging a Way to HistoryAdjudicate The ArbiterDetour The Great JourneyAlas, Poor Andrew ThomasLovely Bunch of CoconutsGraverobberMomma's BoyWall of RecognitionCrushed ColorsOwn Worst EnemyEpic GrinderRacing the ClockHardly TardyMr. Punctual
Campaign Level Medals Everything's Better With BaconEndless FunCovenant "Hot Drop"The Real WinnerHe's Got The JackRhino HuggerMicro ManagerRamblin' ManSweet NaptimeThe ProcrastinatorBattened Down The HatchesHandy With ToolsBeaming With PrideDidn't Get To Second BaseThinkin' About My DoorbellBackscratcher
Skirmish Basically NaiveOfficer On DeckRunning The ShowDon't Stop Me NowMaximum EffortSoldier of AresWeapon of ZeusPlayin' The FieldGallivant Around The GalaxyEmpire BuilderTitanBig Al's ScooterMy Virtual Friends Love Me2 Bugs Are Better Than 1Penny PincherOne and DonePull Hard, Pull DeepFreak on a StreakLiving Loving BugTour Coming ThroughNever Leave a Man BehindDrain CleanerKilljoyN00b n0 M0r3So Lonely At The Top
Miscellaneous Halo UndergraduateHalo AcademicHalo HistorianWalk-Off WinnerReady For The Sequel24 Hours of Quality

Halo Wars 2[edit]

Main article: List of Achievements for Halo Wars 2

In Halo Wars 2, there are a total of 60 achievements worth 1000 Gamerscore.

Achievements in Halo Wars 2
Campaign A history of decimationA little bit extraA lot extraAlas, Poor YorickAll travel is suspendedAnd the knockout punchBehind enemy linesCollecting a dreamDominatedFifth Floor: Tools, Guns, Super WeaponsGold rushGuerrilla tacticsJust the factsKnow the ropesLast stop, this townLearn the ropesLone WolfMorbid curiositiesPalmer's Pure GoldSentinel size mattersSome light readingStirring the potSurviving the long warThe full storyThe hard fightThe setup...The war is overWake up
Co-Op Campaign Comrades in ArmsTwo heads are better than one
Multiplayer A strong showing for the weekAll or nothingAnte-upBig spenderCard sharkDuellistFirefighterFirst stepsFlyswatterFull houseIt just keeps goingJackpotMaking the most of the dayMeat grinderNatural intelligenceOn fireOverkillPaint it redShort-term commitmentSpace healerSpare changeStacked the chipsThe rank and fileThe Scrappy SixThe tribeTrash compactorTwo heads are better than noneYou've got a case of the Birley
Forge DLC Achievements Bear necessitiesHeroes never dieMan-to-Freak Communication
Kinsano DLC I don't want to set the world on fireThe roof is on fireTwisted Firestarter
Colony DLC Hunter/HuntedTurrets EverywhereTwo minds are better than one
Sgt. Johnson DLC Am I right, Marines?For a brick, he flew pretty good!I don't do bits and pieces
Icons of War DLC Alpha and OmegaAnd my shadowNone shall escapeTime and placeTrials of the ArbiterYou've been busy
Operation: Spearbreaker Send in the ExpertsSpear: BrokenVidmaster Challenge: 100 dropsVidmaster Challenge: No fly zoneWe go Feet First
Serina DLC Freeze!Insult upon injuryNothing too difficult, then?
Yapyap The Destroyer DLC Piggyback!That sweet smell of homeYou met me on Reach!
Awakening the Nightmare Again with the TentaclesAwakeBanished ProwessBefore This Gets Out of HandClean up your messHave You Tried RebootingHidden PowerHold the Line(s)Nimble, for a Big FellaServing a New MasterSmash!TappedThe Ancient EnemyThe Brute SideThe Wave BreaksWe Got This
Pavium and Voridus DLC CataclysmicMarked for DeathRevel in DestructionSpreading DarknessThe Long GameUnbreakable
Terminus Firefight BarricadeFortressGarrisonHigh MaintenanceKa-Ching!Outflood the FloodPristineSurvivorTerminus DefenderTerminus MVPsTerminus TacticianTerminus TeamworkTurret FarmerWalled InWatch my Six
Secret Achievements The hand that feeds


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