If They Came to Hear Me Beg

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If They Came to Hear Me Beg

If They Came to Hear Me Beg is a campaign Achievement in Halo: Reach. The achievement is awarded when a player performs an assassination against a Sangheili to "survive a fall that would’ve been fatal." It is represented by a combat knife over red, circular saw blade.[1] The achievement did not return with the release of Halo: Reach as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, however it was included as a Challenge during Series 5: Anvil; completing the challenge unlocks the Mister Chief attachment for the Mariner helmet.


  • The easiest way to get this achievement is at the very beginning of The Pillar of Autumn. At the bottom of the cliff, there is an Elite and by jumping off the cliff using sprint, it is possible to get the achievement. Remember to deactivate sprint just after jumping off.
  • It is also possible, albeit very difficult, to get the achievement while jumping off of the spire on the level Tip of the Spear.
  • There is also a ledge in the beginning of Nightfall that makes this possible, albeit difficult and rather unlikely. Should probably be attempted only on Legendary, and note that this ledge is above the pathway the player and Jun take, requiring one to take it, and double back on top.

Production notes[edit]

This achievement was implemented into Halo: Reach as intentionally difficult to acquire. During the testing of Reach, over 30 man-hours were put into testing of the achievement to ensure it was fair to unlock; the "finicky" physics that often caused the player to fail the achievement were deemed to be part of the intent, and left in the build. During the porting of Halo: Reach into The Master Chief Collection in 2019, the achievement was considered for inclusion in the achievement roster, but ultimately left out due to reservations about the amount of time needed to properly implement it. The challenge was implemented in The Master Chief Collection during Season 5 as part of the Seasonal Challenge system under the name Because You Begged, due to popular demand. The silly nature of the challenge unlocks the Mister Chief attachment for the Mariner helmet, though many players expressed concerns that the challenge was unable to be unlocked even if the requirements were met. This is due to 343 Industries leaving the internal game logic for the challenge completion unchanged from the original Halo: Reach (unlike the similarly brought-back Vidmaster Challenge: Endure for Halo 3: ODST).[2]

Due to the bugged nature of the Because You Begged challenge, 343 Industries recommended against continuing to try and unlock it if issues are encountered until such a time as the cause can be identified[2], later discovering that the issue can be glitched for players who completed the achievement requirements successfully prior to the challenge. As such, deleting local saved player data then completing the challenge can cause the challenge to unlock successfully.[3] A guide on how to do this can be found here.


The achievement's name is derived from a quote by Thel 'Vadam during his shaming in Halo 2; "If they came to hear me beg, they will be disappointed."[4]


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