Wake Up, Buttercup

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Wake Up, Buttercup
Wake Up Buttercup

Wake Up, Buttercup (Wake Up Buttercup in Halo: The Master Chief Collection) is an achievement in Halo: Reach and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It is awarded for destroying Ardent Prayer's engines and escorts in under 3 minutes in the sixth Campaign level, Long Night of Solace, on Heroic or harder.[1]


This achievement requires one to act quickly. While this can be done on solo, it is easier on Cooperative Play, since players can split up the tasks.

On Solo, once gameplay resumes after the cutscene, boost to the back of the corvette and immediately slow down once the tracking system is available. Disable the engines with missiles first, and proceed to destroy the Seraphs flying around. The other Sabres are only helpful with destroying the Space Banshees, since they usually only use the Sabres' autocannons, which are ineffective at damaging Seraphs. The UNSC Savannah, with her point defense guns, are effective against Seraphs, but she provides a limited range of support. Once all the Seraphs are destroyed, including ones that are "back from patrol", move on to the Space Banshees, which should be easy to follow and eliminate. Then follow Urban Holland's orders and land on the corvette's topside landing pad.

On Cooperative Play, this should be easier. Have one player destroys the engines first while the other eliminate Seraphs. Once the first player is finished with disabling the engines, move on to the Seraphs, then together eliminate the rest of the Space Banshees.


  • The achievement's name is a direct quote from Kojo Agu, when waking The Rookie on board the UNSC Say My Name.[2]
  • In The Master Chief Collection, the achievement's description does not specify a difficulty requirement; however, it must be completed on Heroic or higher, nonetheless.