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Mattius Drake
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Daniel Clayton: "Mattius Drake is twice the man you'll ever be."
Terrence Hood: "I have no doubt Drake thinks so. He was always one to boast."
— Daniel Clayton and Lord Hood on Admiral Drake.

Mattius Drake is a former UNSC Navy Admiral and the leader of the insurgent faction known as the New Colonial Alliance.[1]


Unknown to the UNSC, Drake was actually the leader of an Insurrectionist group known as the New Colonial Alliance. When his group of Insurrectionists, under the command of Ilsa Zane took control of the UNSC Infinity she ordered them to contact Admiral Drake. They were defeated soon after however, when the freshly augmented SPARTAN-IVs Sarah Palmer and Edward Davis retook the bridge. The part of the group that was captured revealed to the UNSC that Drake was part of the Insurrection.[1]

Drake had also recruited UNSC Captain Daniel Clayton to his cause. In 2558, Captain Clayton would attempt to kill Fleet Admiral Lord Terrence Hood at a diplomatic summit on Ealen IV by sending Covenant mercenaries,[2] and then in an ambush on Oth Lodon.[3]

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