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Hard to estimate. I'd argue it was more than that, as we know that a lot of Earth's current population are refugees from other colonies. In addition, a lot of the people who evacuated from Earth may have never returned or chose to resettle elsewhere. I'm sure if we looked at Mars' population prior to the Covenant attack, it would be smaller than it is in 2558. Not just from the Covenant attack, but because Mars was known to have a large amount of refugee camps and the UEG made a post-war effort to settle those refugees on other worlds, decreasing Mars' population.


I haven't really tried recently. Did most of my H2A screenshot taking in May.


Big enough to make my wallet hurt. With the Spirit of Fire and Infinity on the way I'm going to assume the next box sets will be the Harvest Campaign and Requiem Campaign.


Because you're sending public messages.


The Q&A thread on Waypoint is what people are using to ask the questions. It's closed right now, but Grim will likely open it when he feels like answering more questions.


I can understand where you're coming from. We are now looking into giving the article a better name.

"In general, the second or subsequent words in article titles should not be capitalized unless the title is a proper noun that would always be capitalized, even in the middle of a sentence."
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Whether it looks professional or not, the wiki's policy on capitalization needs to be followed. The reason all three words in "Human-Covenant War" are capitalized is because it's an official name given to us by the developers, whereas "Second human-Covenant war" is just a descriptor name we use here until we get something official.


Multiple Edits....

As per Wilc0 below, please use the preview feature before saving.


No problem, that's why I'm here :-P