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This article is about the controlling body of the UNSC. For other councils, see Council.
The committee on July 25, 2557.

The UNSC Security Council is a body of senior military figures that is in overall control of the United Nations Space Command.[1] Part of the UNSC High Command, it is based in Sydney, Australia, where it convenes in a protected underground chamber inside HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6. How it relates to the Unified Earth Government and the Secretary of Defense is unclear.

The Security Council temporarily superseded the Unified Earth Government as humanity's overall governing body during the Human-Covenant War, though the UEG regained its full governing powers back from the UNSC on January 8, 2553.[2][3] The Security Council is tasked with planning, administering, and coordinating the branches and operations of the UNSC. Following the Covenant War, the Office of Naval Intelligence maintains strong administrative influence within the UNSC High Command, due to its position on the Security Council.[4]

The Council's chamber contains a crescent-shaped table[5] behind double doors guarded by two battle-ready MPs.[6] Although Sydney was devastated during the Battle of Earth, the Bravo-6 facility remained mostly untouched and continued to serve as the Security Council's base of operations as of early 2558.[7][8]

Known committees[edit]


As of September 4, 2552, known members of the committee included the following:

Admiral Whitcomb was absent during Lieutenant Wagner's debriefing about the Fall of Reach. There were also a number of other officers present at this time, presumably representing the other major branches of the UNSC.


Profile photos of the committee members in March 2558.

As of July 25, 2557, known members of the committee included the following:

Most members of the UNSC Security Council harshly judged Captain Andrew Del Rio's actions at Requiem for leaving John-117 behind to aid the UNSC Home Fleet in combating the oncoming attack lead by the Didact, and relieved him of command of UNSC Infinity and Thomas Lasky was selected to replace Andrew Del Rio to take command of UNSC Infinity with a promotion to Captain.[12] Following the New Phoenix Incident, John-117 was debriefed by the Security Council about the destruction of Cortana and the defeat of the Didact. The Security Council decided to tell the general public that the incident was a Covenant attack that was stopped by the Master Chief.[10] On March 3, 2558, following their return to Earth, Captain Thomas Lasky and Spartan Sarah Palmer were requested to appear before the Security Council. The Council committee evaluated their actions during the Requiem Campaign.[8] After John-117 and Blue Team went rogue, the UNSC Security Council charged Fireteam Osiris with capturing the Spartans pursuant with UNSC Security Council Directive 9901-002-S.[13]

Following Cortana's Subjugation of Earth during rise of the Created, Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood and Admiral Serin Osman managed to escape moments before Cortana's Guardian launch the attack. The fate of the other three members of the UNSC Security Council remains unknown.


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