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Corbulo Academy, a famous OCS.

Officer Candidate School (OCS) is a type of UNSC military academy that trains enlisted personnel or civilians to become officers.[1] Gaining a record with Colonial Militia experience or high grades in secondary schooling gives individuals a higher chance of enlistment in an OCS.[2][3] Enlistment age varied between schools, with sixteen being considered average at the Corbulo Academy,[4] but considered very young at the Luna OCS Academy.[5]

The curriculum of the Officer Candidate School is diverse between schools. An OCS curriculum is generally open-minded, allowing cadets to choice between the several different military branches in the UNSC Armed Forces.[6] The time a cadet serves at a school generally lasts four years and includes classroom instruction and field exercises on military science, physical training, and leadership.[1][7][8] Although generally meant for any military-capable civilian, some academies featured blatant nepotism. The Corbulo Academy was based around the concept of training the offspring of high-ranked military and government officials as commissioned officers.[9] Some critics suspected that nepotism was the reason that Miranda Keyes excelled at her OCS at a young age, due to her father's respected status in the UNSC and former teaching position at her academy.[5]

Luna OCS Academy, Reach Naval Academy and Corbulo Academy of Military Science were among the most renowned OCS institutions.

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