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Favorite Halo moment

Kill two hunters in one Sniper Shot at Assault On The Control Room level (Which was at the low floor of pyramid when Hunters was totally off guard or sleeping)

Deal with the largest numbers of Hunters at Halo Trilogy which was at Halo CE: Assault On The Control Room (No Mistakes! It's real!)

A pair inside Tunnel A pair inside the huge room inside tunnel A pair after destroying the Four Wraiths A pair which was chasing the Stacker's Group A pair at the bridge A pair before went to the cliff A pair when you goes to bottom level of the pyramid (If you're not catching a Banshee at the ledge and you must walk tot he bottom level of pyramid) And at the top of the pyramid (Right before you deal with a Zealot and same as above)

Worst Halo moment

Sgt. Johnson not riding at Warthog when was at Halo level mission at Halo: CE

Anything else

Every Spartan which wants to sacrifice themself, they'll took off the helmet and goes to suicidical mission.

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I agree that the master chief will be in a new halo game other than that I have no idea


I don't mean to be rude or offensive in any way, however I must ask: Is English your first language? Because it seems as though you are using an online translator to write your edits, and to be honest it isn't working. Your grammar and general writing structure are simply atrocious. Please put more effort into either your writing or translating before trying to contribute more edits.